At Specscart, the leading eyewear startup from Manchester is widely popular for its high-grade glasses. Frames that are designed and manufactured to improve vision performance and make you look effortlessly stylish. Get yourself a frame that does both. From getting affordable reading glasses online to custom-made designer frames, here are the latest frames to get.

Your 7  must-have frames from Specscart

1. Round Black Frames

The black frames are the classic, a style of frame that you’ll need at every point of time. Curved out in perfectly round, the black round frames suit all face shapes, from oval to round, square or diamond. Perfect as prescription glasses or for a geek chic look, black frames are suitable for heading to a client meeting, fancy party or pair with the casuals. Armed with simplicity, and uncluttered design, it helps to boost your fashion spirit and express your charm without trying too hard. 

2. Striped Rectangular frames

The wider it is, the more popular it will be in 2020/2021. Yes, it is confirmed the new striped rectangular frames are the public favourite. A refined frame, redesigned from the classic rectangular shape painted into modern shade and design is worth investing. Available in earthly and warm tone with its one charm. Designed into full-rim with thick edges and rims to grab your attention with a polished surface. A favourite from the ladies, also known as the ultimate style in women’s glasses, regardless of the outfit choice, these frames are perfectly chic and special. 

3. Metallic Square Frames

You must have seen most square frames in cellulose acetate, but rarely a chic sight of metallic square frames. Created from handpicked metals, metallic square frames are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. Available in a beautiful and elegant shade of pink, green, gold, being or black, it is must-have eyewear in your collection this year. With soft edges and minimal appeal, metallic square frames are ideal glasses for men and women for a chic finish. 

4. Flat round glasses

These kinds of frames are round but compressed to look somewhat like an oval. Made out of metals, this kind of frame offers the 90’s nostalgic with a modern appeal. Designed into modern colour pallets with cooler pop of colour. The frames are carved out unfussy lines but are mostly clean and uncluttered with an appreciation of every fine detail and elements. The design is subtle and sophisticated, with a mysterious yet marvellous appeal. With a contemporary design, these metallic frames are a fine class accessory that offers chic shine and comfort. 

5. Geometry frames

Why go with a generic style, when you can flaunt the geometric frames? Designed in octagonal shapes, geometric frames are this season the most popular design in all ages. Inspired by the mathematical shapes, geometric frames are built on simplicity and unique appeal. Quirky, and a bit hipster, geometric frames can give whatever looks you desire. Available in humble colours, these easily designed frames are for everyone with added comfort and interesting sets of colour. 

6. Dark but subtle cat-eye glasses

It’s rare when cat-eye glasses don’t make it into the list. Dark cat-eye glasses with subtle upswept edges are here to make your day. For the men and women, who wish to add a powerful look in their everyday style, then cat-eye glasses are a must. The edges and angles work by giving your facial features a life up while the colours work its magic on a casual or formal outfit of choice. 

7. Transparent Frames

Transparent frames aren’t going out of trend this year as well. The crystal clear design with a unique appeal can never be enough. But at Specscart, you can warm see-through transparent frames to match your casuals or formal attire with the elegant charm. Made out of premium cellulose, the glasses are known for its utmost comfort, lightweight and flexibility.