Computer gaming has always been famous, but with broadcasting and Esports growing bigger than ever. More people are joining the squad. PC gaming needs the correct hardware, from the hardware on your desktop or laptop, to the keyboard and mouse you are using.

Based on the category that you enjoy the most, the mouse can be the most critical aspect of your gaming experience.

In first-person shooters, in fact, the mouse can give away your enemy. You need a mouse that replies how you expect it to do, which is what a gaming mouse is about.

A gaming mouse offers so much flexibility that not getting one is a strong drawback to a player. With the opportunity to adjust the sensitivity, the choice for hotkeys on extra controls, and precise motion, it’s better to have a gaming mouse whether you’re a hardcore player, or even if you’re beginning.

Looking at gaming mouse choices, you can come across a wide variety of words that are new to you as you go through spec lists. This blog is here to teach you about these technological aspects so that you can buy the ultimate gaming mouse.



The sensor is the most integral component of the mouse, and without it, the mouse cannot function. The sensor is accountable for monitoring the movement of the mouse around the surface and converting it to the motion of the cursor or directional arrow on the computer screen.


There are two primary categories of sensors: laser sensors and optical sensors. In the past, a computer mouse used a rubber ball to move rollers that sensed motion, but these days, that’s old technology.



DPI stands for Dots per Inch, and CPI stands for Counts per Inch. They assume the identical thing. This is essentially the unit to measure your mouse’s responsiveness, or how far your cursor moves after you move your mouse and inch.

Higher DPI means that the mouse is more responsive, and a small movement would result in a lot of motion on the screen. The lower DPI is less sensitive and makes for more accurate aiming, as tiny mouse motions rarely register.


Poll rate

Like an election or a survey, the mouse must report back to the system the numbers representing its location. It has to do this a constant number of times per second, and this rate is what is known as the polling rate.

A higher polling rate ensures that your machine can respond rapidly to mouse motions. This may sound like a complete victory, but there’s a drawback to a higher polling average.


Maximum tracking speed

Often known as the optimal control speed, or measured in inches per second, this refers to how the mouse can be driven while keeping track of its motion.


This value is linked to your DPI, and the lower it is, the lower your tracking speed. It is crucial to confirm that the optimum tracking speed is adequate for you. It is irrespective of the DPI setting you are playing on.



Being geared to gamers, gaming mice go with the design that many gaming goods have created. They’re artsy and violent a lot of time and come with RGB lighting to match the rest of the gaming system. Create appears to be a perk for aesthetic appeal for other hardware, but for a gaming mouse that you’re keeping for hours, it matters.


Wired or Wireless

This is one of the significant factors in determining the gaming mouse price in Pakistan. Although there are choices for wireless gaming mice, the gold standard for serious players is for wired mice. This is attributed to the fact that wires relay messages much more than wireless signals, meaning that there is a minimum delay.


A wireless mouse can add lag, which is something that can’t be overlooked in serious, fast-moving games like first-person snipers.



Most people like lighter mice. However, those who have a great sweet spot or think the mouse they purchased was a little heavier will benefit from gaming mice with extra weights. Some mice come with tiny tablet-shaped weights. These can be added or removed if needed to adjust the mouse weight.


If you are planning to buy a gaming mouse, do not forget to look at these critical factors.