Apartment design Dubai has been revolutionized by a new breed of architects and interior designers who came up with innovative solutions to some of the most perplexing problems of residential architecture. What are the 7 principles of Apartment design? Apartment design is a highly individual undertaking. It is very much dependent upon the person (or the family) who is leasing the apartment. Therefore, here are some tips on how to go about building a great Apartment.

The first principle of Apartment design is to plan in advance!

One must be sure that the layout and the architectural aspects of the apartment are determined before anything else. This is because it is not only about making the Apartment look pleasing, but also making sure that it goes well with the amenities available within the area. Planning is particularly important if the Apartment will be located in a high rise or in a multi-story building. Apartment design Dubai dealing with many customers individually or at the commercial level to provide the best services for apartment interior designing. There are several components that have to be considered in Apartment design.  

You should not overcrowd an Apartment!

 If there are two persons in an Apartment, then you shouldn’t make them live there as if they were living in one house. This is because a huge Apartment looks cramped and is very uncomfortable. This principle is actually quite logical as well. The more people there are in an Apartment, the more noise and traffic there will be. Thus, too many people in an Apartment will spoil its aesthetic appeal.

Choose an Apartment according to its location!

An Apartment situated in an affluent community will obviously be more expensive than an Apartment situated in a less affluent community. In addition, an Apartment in a neighborhood with more kids and a vibrant social scene will obviously cost more than an Apartment in a quiet locality.

An apartment should have a common area. This will make it easier for you to mingle and it will also provide you with a place to relax after a very tiring day at work. Therefore, it is important to ensure that an Apartment has its own common area.

An Apartment should be easy to maintain!

 Maintaining your Apartment can prove to be a costly affair if you do not take care of it properly. If your Apartment is dirty, then you will find it difficult to rent it out to other tenants. On the other hand, if your Apartment is clean, then you will have a lot of tenants who will like to rent your Apartment. Thus, a clean Apartment will help you in attracting more tenants and more money.

Ensure that your Apartment has its very own lobby!

A well-designed Apartment lobby will help attract new tenants. It will also provide your prospective tenants with their own space to relax. Therefore, if you want to invite more tenants to rent your Apartment, then you will need to have an appealing Apartment lobby.

 Ensure that the exterior of your Apartment building is pleasing to the eye!

In other words, you need to keep the exterior of your Apartment building attractive and appealing. In this regard, you should always consider the architectural aspects of your Apartment. On one hand, the Apartment buildings should have simple lines. On the other hand, they must have distinct colors and simple decorations.

Make use of windows that face the neighborhood. 

By doing this, the interiors of your building will be more friendly. Moreover, the noise and light coming in from the windows will be reduced. You can also choose to paint the windows to make them more appealing. If you feel that painting is not sufficient, then you can also use curtains to make your Apartment building more stylish and friendly.

Place the most important fixtures in the areas where the most number of tenants live!

The sixth rule to follow is to place the most important fixtures in the areas where the most number of tenants live. For example, in the lobby area, you should place your front door near the elevators. This will facilitate the movement of your customers easily. However, in the bedroom, you should put your window in the north part. This will enable your tenants to have natural light during the daytime. Besides, your Apartment building should be well ventilated to allow fresh air to come in.

Your apartment lobby should be good looking!

The seventh and last principle that you need to understand is about having a good lobby. Since you are an Apartment building owner, it is only fitting that you take care of your customers. This means that you should have a clean and spacious lobby. This will encourage your tenants to stay in your Apartment building. You can ask your tenant to use the washroom at least twice a day. This will help you get rid of the dirt and filthy air within your building.


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