The novel coronavirus has been a threat to the life and living of all the people globally with little to no exceptions. With brands and businesses seeing tough times, sportsmen restricted in their homes, five-star hotels and restaurants remaining hollow and the employees always at risk of losing their jobs and others their lives, COVID-19 is one of the most dreadful happenings in the world today. The athletes have also been some of those who are absolutely restrained in their homes left with little to no activities. Therefore, the coronavirus pandemic has been more than a bane for the athletes from around the globe including those who reside in the UAE.

However, with the global lockdown and the ensuing waning of the physical stores and markets, online shopping has been quite popular. And why not? With attractive discounts and coupons on brands like Tommy Hilfiger discount codes that are in rising among all kinds of shoppers including the athletes, shopping is being highly cost-effective though difficult at times with the erratic nature of transports and other restrictions.

Along with shopping that has been a pastime for the athletes and other people around the world, the former has to be engaged in some other activities that will help them stay active, fit and healthy to kick start their career as soon as we pass the season of the pandemic.

7 Things that Athletes must be looking at to resume their careers right from where they took a break

Here we are listing 7 essential things that an athlete needs to perform day in and day out to resume their career back on track. Check them all out if you are an athlete and you are waiting to start your life back again in the world post-pandemic.

Warming up and stretching should be a part of your daily routine


Much like what you used to do when you were flying in your career, you need to keep on doing the same warming and stretching exercises simply because there aren’t any other alternatives in the lockdown.

Warming up is essential before stretching because cold muscles are dangerous to stretch. Besides warming up also aids in raising the overall body temperature, increasing the heart rate, allowing more blood to pump in the body, thus preparing it to exercise.

Pushing in some Skater squats

These squats are awesome to couple with other warm-up exercises that are recommended by your trainer. You can perform these by standing with feet together, with your arms at the sides, hands in fists. Now, you simply have to jump to the left along with extending the left arm behind you, while bringing your right fist toward the chin, ultimately landing on your left foot with your right leg raised behind you. Then you need to squat immediately, then repeat the same thing in the opposite direction. This exercise targets the glutes and legs.

Perform some Cross jack

Cross Jack

Being a healthy exercise to do for the athletes cross jack is notable as an excellent exercise for the legs and shoulders. Doing this exercise three times, and then reversing the position of your legs and arms is really something that would add value to your overall exercise.

Wall sit

If you are bored of your daily exercise, throwing in some wall sits would certainly be great to help you get the best of your exercises. To do it, you just have to rest your back, neck, and head against a wall, and your feet need to be around a foot and a half away. Then, you need to bend your knees and slide your body toward the ground until your thighs are appearing parallel to it. Holding for 15 seconds to 1 minute like this is insanely effective for your thighs and glute muscles. It is one of those exercises you can perform along with your usual shopping and who knows when you will stumble upon attractive Fila discount codes.


These half-bridges as they are called are considered as extremely effective for your glute muscles, hips, abs and back. Holding the same for 15 to 30 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds and repeating this cycle for 3 times can infuse all the benefits to your body.

Some other common exercises like the famous plank and jump lunges are considered to be much more than boon for the athletes.