As more and more business owners are trying to reduce their impact on the environment, they are also starting to understand that going green can help make their organizations more profitable.

In this article, we share seven ways to green your business and improve the bottom line.

1. Reduce the Use of Paper

Use cloud-based computing to store, manage and process data. Scan documents and upload them to the cloud for transparency and future reference. If some operations still require printing, use eco-friendly paper and ensure proper disposal when documents are no longer needed.

2. Recycle and Re-use where Possible

 If you run a manufacturing business, you can recycle the generated waste in many ways – sometimes as raw materials or fuel for energy. If you have a retail business, you can minimise overheads by using re-usable shopping bags.

Recycling and re-using has many advantages. It saves moneyand is good for the environment.

3. Become Energy-Efficient to Manage Bills

 Reduce electricity costs by using energy-efficient appliances and light fixtures. Instead of standard incandescent bulbs, install LED light bulbs. These use less energy and provide better illumination.

When replacing appliances, ensure you check the energy starrating before making a choice.You can also consider switching to a cheaper energy plan to save money. Take a look at AGL electricity plans.

4. Get an Energy Audit

Get a professional energy audit to see where you can conserve energy in your business. Seal any leaks and cracks in windows, floors, ceilings, and door jams. If you have old windows, consider installing new energy-efficient ones. Install foam gaskets behind switch plates on walls.

5. Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

 Switch to green cleaning products. It is not only good for the health of your employees, but also to prevent unnecessary chemicals being released into the environment. If you outsource your office cleaning, ensure the company you choose uses green products and practices.

6. Encourage Carpooling and Use of Public Transport

 Reduce your business’s carbon footprint by encouraging all your employeesto carpool or use public transport when commuting to and from work. This can save them money in the long run as well.

7. Plant More Trees

 By planting trees and landscaping around your office building, you can create a green environment that not only helps fight climate change but gives employees somewhere to enjoy their breaks.This can help improve productivity, enhance morale and ultimately reap you better results.

Final Thoughts

Going green in your business has many benefits for the environment and your profitability. So, consider implementing some of these tips to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and set your business apart from the competition.