“You have architected a flawless and powerful app and it has finally been published in the app store.” But, there are much lesser installs than anticipated; even though you have chosen a less competitive niche! This distressing situation is being encountered by several app owners across the globe. The reason is users are not easily convinced to downloading a new application no matter how incredible it may be. Thankfully, there are effective strategies to attract users. Needless to say, all app owners must be well versed with these tactics to taste success.

This article pens down effective tactics to be followed by a mobile app development company while architecting an app and also smart marketing strategies for promoting the application.

Key Strategies to boost app downloads!

Establishing brand awareness

Making your app’s online presence felt is important to attract users. Given below are strategies for the same.

  • To spread awareness about your mobile app’s usability; create an attractive landing page or website showcasing your app, employing free software such as WordPress.
  • You need to pay some amount for acquiring a domain name for your brand and a hosting page as it will convey the prime features of your app. Using the app’s fonts and color palette on the webpage is recommended as this practice will reinforce the app’s identity.
  • Create a blog as a part of the website or landing page, as it informs users about the updated features, design, and much more.
  • Promote your app on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook, etc. via video clips or infographics to draw more visitors.
  • Arrange for a press release a few months before launching your app. Include engaging and appealing written content as well as visuals in the press release to generate signups even before the app’s official launch.

Ruling out chances of app crashes

Conduct exhaustive testing to identify the potential bugs and fix them to ensure that the app is crash-free before it reaches the users. If you learn that your app is faulty through online grievances shared by the users; resolve the issue at once to avoid any app crashes in the future.

Providing free app-usage

  • Making your mobile application free at the time of launch, brighten up the chances of receiving more installs.
  • If your app already exists in the app store as a paid app, making it free for a couple of days will instigate more users to download it out of curiosity.

The aforesaid tactics are sure to boost the user-engagement rate and hence increase the app store rankings.

Employment of effective measures to enhance ASO (App Store Optimization)

Employing ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies plays a crucial role in enhancing the visibility of your application, in an app store packed with millions of other applications. They are as follows:

Title and description: The ASO search engine processes the app’s title using sophisticated algorithms to fetch the search details entered by users. Both title and description have to be embedded in metadata tags in order for the search engine to consider your content. Therefore, a striking title that contains the relevant keywords and gives a peek into the app’s functionality is desirable. The title can also be localized on the basis of specific languages or countries. The app’s description should be informative and the most important information should be put in the “above fold” portion.

  • Keyword Handling: Do not forget to have popular keywords in the title as well as the description. This move will improve the search engine ranking by providing better visibility to the potential users. However, you must also consider how keywords rank for specific app categories by conducting thorough keyword research and analyse the activities of competitors. Monitoring the progress of each keyword is equally important.
  • Apt images: The would-be users prefer trying apps that provide intuitive UI designs displaying the real usage of the application.
  • Positive ratings and reviews: Apps having positive reviews and ratings are ranked higher by mobile app stores; thereby increasing the chances of downloads. Hence, you should devise strategies like providing incentives to users, offering prompt services, etc. to keep users happy.

Successful implementation of ASO techniques will make your app all the more noticeable and easily discoverable by users, leading to more number of downloads. But, this process requires strict monitoring and constant tweaking. Tools such as App Tweak, Sensor Tower, Tune, App Annie, and Keyword Tool help in implementing the aforesaid ASO techniques.

Paid digital campaigns

The app’s marketing team often opts for paid digital ads to be displayed across the media for attracting traffic. This procedure is known as CPI (Cost-Per-Install) campaign as a fixed rate has to be paid for each successful app installation and yields better results than the free campaigns via blog posts or social media.

Focussing on app-usage analytics

A study of the app-usage analytics using tools like Flurry Analytics and Google’s Universal Analytics; is crucial to validate the users’ expectation from the app. This will enable app owners to deliver user-centric services, leading to more downloads.

Encouraging User-referrals

Providing incentives to the existing users for recommending the app to their friends is a trending practice. For instance, a ride-sharing app offers free ride credits while a cloud storage app offers free storage in exchange for a referral.

Motivating users to share reviews

Send in-app messages encouraging the users to share their feedback via reviews. Also, respond promptly to the suggestions and complaints by reviewers to gain their trust and loyalty.

Final verdict

In today’s era of tough competition, the fate of an app purely relies on smart app promotion tactics. The aforesaid strategies need some hard-work but will work wonders to boost your app download.

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