Are you tired of sharpening your pencils or refilling your pens again and again?

Do you always lose your erasers and markers?

Do you often get paper-cuts while studying?

The list of things that every student would want to change can go on forever. If your answer is a “Yes” to the questions above, then you have come to the right place to find the best tech gadgets you should get.

So what gadgets do you need? Are they some magic devices to enhance your brainpower? Absolutely not! These gadgets are some of the devices that you should have to improve studies and help you get better grades.

Without any further ado, these are some of the best gadgets you’d need to make your grades fly:

  • Amazon Kindle Paperweight
  • LED Desk Lamp
  • Rocketbook
  • Heated Travel Mug
  • Foldable keyboard
  • Fitbit One
  • Lap Desk for Your Laptop
  • Tablet

Kindle Paperweight

It’s just a tablet… What’s special about it?

Kindle tablets are highly optimized for readers. With their compact design and features, they can be very useful for students.

With Kindle Paperweight, You can forget about buying books again. It is cost-effective on your wallet as it’s like half price as an average coursebook and with just one-time purchase, you can have thousands of book crammed up inside just one tablet, which you can take anywhere and study on it anytime!

Illuminate Your Study Area!

Darkness is great for sleeping and bad for studying.

You need to lighten up your study area with LED Desk Lights.

But Why “LED” Desk Lights?

LED Desk Lights or Lamps are very compact, their small size doesn’t take much space. Their brightness and features depend on what brand are you buying.

Generally speaking, LED lights are friendly for eyes, they’re not too bright or not too dim. Unlike the old table lamps that could make you go blind if you stare at them for too long.

Notebooks are Outdated.

Nothing lasts forever… But Rocket-book does.

Rocket-book is a smart notebook which is the number one selling notebook on Amazon.

What’s so special about it?

It only has one page…

Which never ends…

How is that possible?

Rocket-book is cloud-connected. In simple words, to solve the debate of taking notes by writing or typing, Rocket-book comes in the picture. Rocket-book allows you to write on it and then you can scan your notes with the Rocket-book app to precisely digitally save your note(s). Amazing, isn’t it?

Do You Like Your Coffee Cold While Studying?

Coffee is surely magical a drink

Unless you like cold coffee, you would be annoyed by the mundane task of going back and reheating your coffee.

How do you solve this problem?

Easy! Get a self-heating traveling mug. They might not seem like a big deal but they’re very useful. You can enjoy the hot coffee while studying. It saves you time, your coffee is reheating yourself in the mug and you can study in peace and focus more on it.

Keyboards, But Fold-able.

But laptops have keyboards!!

We know laptops do have keyboards and they’re not bad, but having an external keyboard is comfort on a spiritual level.

Imagine carrying a huge keyboard around with you. Convenient? Totally not. That’s where fold-able keyboards come to shine. They’re, as their name suggests, fold-able and easy to carry. They can help you write much faster than a laptop’s keyboard and you connect the fold-able keyboards to your tablets or phones as well for faster and better typing experience.

Why Do You Need a Fit-bit?

Fit-bits are usually for sports enthusiasts. How can a student take benefit from it?

Before you say that fitness gadgets are useless for students, just think about every student’s busy day and their messed up sleep schedule. Lack of sleep can lead to long term effects on mental and physical health.

Fit-bit’s one special product, “Fit-bit One” is also a sleep-tracker. It shows the stats on how well and how long the person wearing it slept. It also shows how much more sleep is necessary for a fresh mind and helps develop a better sleeping habit.

Overheating Laptops are Bad!

We all love to study in bed with laptops in our… laps.

But nobody likes overheating laptops, they can cause damage to the skin and have burning hazards. Better safe than sorry! Get yourself a laptop lap desk and you can study in your bed for longer.

Laptop lap desks are pretty much portable so you can carry them out with you and use your laptop outside as well without worrying that it gets dirty from the under.

Laptop lap desks also help with the ventilation of your laptop, in simpler words, it helps the laptop stay cool and decreases the chances of damage from overheating.

Why a Tablet? You Already Have a Kindle, Don’t You?

Yes, Kindle is a tablet as well, but its use is mostly limited to reading eBooks. If you have a problem carrying around your laptop, you can always get a tablet, they’re lightweight compared to laptops and have more features as you can use various apps to help you with studying.

What kind of tablet should you get?

While this is a very heated debate between an Android tablet and an Apple tablet. The answer is very simple, whichever you like. i Pads are different than android tablets with their own special features, while Android tablets have distinctively more apps compared to iOS on the play store.

So these were a few gadgets that every student need in their life to make it easier and help them study better to get even better grades, although every student should have internet connection all the time and it can be handy whether they want to search for cheap assignment writing service UK (or anywhere in the world based) or if they just want to find the nearest coffee shop to energize their hardworking brains!

Who’s the Author?

Adam Sheen is a PhD in Accounting, Government and Finance Management from the University of Sheffield. Adam has great leadership qualities and knows multiple languages. With his interest in gadgets and reading and writing, he has been writing for over 10 years and loves to write for BestAssignmentWriter to help the students with his work!