Almost all of us know about stand up pouches, but studies have shown that they are not the only kind of packaging solution available at present. Other examples of flexible pouches that many may not know about include pillow, gusseted, and side seal pouches. To procure more information, please go through the rest of the write-up now.

Define Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches could be defined as single-use bags manufactured from metal foil or plastic. They could be used to pack everything, starting from industrial cleaners to snacks and other items commonly found on the supermarket shelves throughout the world.

Flexible pouches have acquired popularity over the past few decades, especially in the food & beverage industry. They are environment friendly, resealable, and affordable than their alternatives – metal, glass, and cardboard. Most recently, they are also adopted by the legal cannabis and hemp markets.

Side Gusseted

Side gusseted pouches are known for keeping coffee. The flat panel on the front contains the brand logo and graphic arts, which usually captivate the prospective customers’ attention. The back panel has text that specifies the ingredients, nutritional information and explains the product in brief.


Utilized for products such as crackers, potato chips, single-serving coffee, etc., pillow pouches have impressed a major segment of the population. Reasonably priced and straightforward, they have been an integral part of several industrial sectors. Some of the worth-mentioning features include:

  • Pillow pouches can be resealable and non-resealable, and both versions can last for a prolonged period with little or no maintenance.
  • They are user-friendly. People can open and close pillow pouches without hurting themselves.
  • Finally, yet importantly, pillow pouches have a visually appealing design, thus, recognized by the consumers in a hassle-free manner.

Bottom Gusseted

Bottom gusseted are larger than side gusseted packaging; thus, can accommodate more of the concerned product. Also, no matter how much juice, liquid detergent, or fritters you out inside it, it would retain its shape. Bottom gusseted are durable, so can endure the test of time. Now that is great.

Three Side Seal

Three side seal pouch is made of two distinct materials – metal on one side and clear plastic on the other. It is also made of paper sometimes. The two materials are first placed on top of one another and then sealed with heat to the three sides. The bottom and top are left for filling. A tear-away lid is added, at last, so the consumers can open and seamlessly close the pouch,

Three side seals are primarily used for storing spices, pet food, medical weed, beef jerky, etc. Recently, owing to being equipped with resealable zippers and hang holes, they have acquired much more popularity. The transparency helps you see if the product inside is fresh or not.

To purchase any of the flexible pouches stated above, be it a stand up pouch machine or something else, please rely on the best brick-and-mortar store. If one is planning on choosing an online provider, he/she must ask questions on essential topics like lead times, customer service, shipping, returns, etc.