In Academic Writing Task 1, you will be given one or different diagrams that can be in different structures, for example, graphs, pictures, information tables, and so forth You will be moved nearer to make an article on the given formats.

You should make at any rate 150 words for this article. Really, you can make a couple out of more than 150, in any case never go under 150. On the off chance that you make even 149 words, you will lose marks. To be in the guaranteed zone, make 170-180 words. In any case, we suggest not beat 190. In the event that you make 195/200/200+, it will be an exorbitant number of words and will hurt your score.

Truth be told, you are required to show how well you can pass on in English. Understanding the solicitation appropriately and from that point observing certainly is one of the basic social limits. On the off chance that you make not really the readied number of words, or on the off chance that you make an excessive number out of words, the examiner will get the tendency that you have neglect to welcome the essential course sentence.

3 Simple Steps for Academic IELTS Writing Task 1

You have to do three fundamental things for Academic Writing Task 1 for IELTS. This is all you need to accomplish for this errand:

  • Redo the solicitation sentence
  • Make a format section
  • Zero in on a couple of key highlights

In the event that you can cover simply these 3 summary things inside 160-180 words, you are totally fine.

Undertaking 1 Question Types

There are 7 kinds of solicitations for Academic IELTS Writing Task 1. Snap on each question type to investigate their each little advance in turn coordinated conversations.

Pie Chart

A pie layout is a roundabout quantifiable diagram which is disconnected into cuts that show looking at relationship.

Line Graph

A line chart is a line that is connected with specific server farms indicating quantitative collections for the term of the time.

Bar Chart

A bar outline gives full scale information rectangular bars with statures or lengths contrasting with the qualities that they address.

Table Chart

You may be given a few information tables. You should portray the enormous information changes for the given time.

Cycle Diagram

You will be given an image or a drawing that shows the creation steps of an inescapable outcome, or the working procedure of a mechanical contraption/machine, and so forth A tremendous portion of the understudies dread this solicitation not on the grounds that it is awkward, but instead since of their issue how to respond to this.


This is a direct solicitation to reply. There will be no information to take a gander at in this solicitation type. It will be associated with separating between 2 or 3 assistants.​

Different Graphs

There will be more than one information diagrams. You should portray basic changes or relations among them.

Writing Task 1 Essay Structure

  • Summarizing the solicitation sentence
  • Graph zone
  • The central body section
  • The subsequent body segment
  • It’s in reality simple to get a good score in IELTS writing task 1. Basically make the basic highlights that are exceptionally obvious in the diagrams. Put forth an attempt not to make whatever is minor or not in the chart.