Before we begin, let us fully understand the definition of Full-Stack web development and why you should Hire Full Stack developers from us, on a B2B scale. The process of building end to end software applications especially, front end web development and back end web development is termed as full-stack web development.

Guide To FullStack Web Development
(the complete process of web development)

Fullstack web development is the development of websites from scratch to finish. It involves front-end web development, Backend web development, databases, and web hosting. We shall see how to become a full-stack web developer and why you should Hire Full Stack developers from us.

What is the Frontend Development?

Before you Hire Full Stack developers from us, leḤhe HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes that design the page are considered to be Frontend. It is on the client-side (the client is the user, like you). It is the entirety of what a user can experience on a web browser. All the code is written that helps you see this web page is part of Frontend. This course will help you focus on developing this mammoth skill. Our frontend web developers are perfect for all tasks with top knowledge in all the modern frameworks as well.

What is the Backend Development?

Now that we have discussed what frontend web developers do, we shall witness why you should learn backend development before moving onto why you should Hire Full Stack developers from us. Let us use the same pizza example here. What we termed as Frontend begins with the waiter walking out of the kitchen with your pizza. The Pizza, the toppings, the dressing comes under the umbrella of Frontend.
The preparation of the Pizza in the kitchen – the making of the dough and cheese, the baking. Adding cooked vegetables, meat and placing it into the oven, comes under the umbrella of Backend. Similarly, in computer language, the Backend is the gigantic clockwork of processes that take place without the client (user) being able to view them. Consider it as the brain of the website, one that is invisible to the outside. Backend generally works on the server-side, which involves communicating with the databases(in which the Frontend files are stored) to respond to the queries of a user operating on the Frontend. Some of the popular Backend languages are PHP, node.js( a framework of JavaScript), Ruby, among others. Subsequent courses, out of the curriculum of this course, deals with Backend development. Needless to say, one more reason as to why you should Hire Full Stack developers from us is that our developers are well qualified in building end-to-end systems.

How to become a Frontend developer?

To start off with front end web development, it is quite essential to know the Big Three:

HTML and CSS are the bones and skin of a website respectively. They are markup language which helps provide the structure and the user interface of the website. They are one of the foundations in being a frontend web developer.

JavaScript is the behaviour and functionality that you can add to your webpage. Things like enlarging an image, swiping through a bunch of posts on a blog page, creating a to-do list by clicking on buttons, can all be done using JavaScript. Using our bed analogy again, think of it as the comforts that can be added to the mattress, along with any special features such as using memory foam, etc.

How to become a Backend developer?

In a typical client-server situation, application data is stored in Backend servers, which are called to the client-side using programming commands. These tasks require the help of Backend developers, and the process is Backend development. The Backend is the server-side of an application, and the various inner-workings of the application take place within it. Here is a bunch of steps to become a Backend developer:

  • Be well versed with Data Structures, Algorithms, and a Programming Language

This is very important as Data structures and algorithms help you write and create efficient code to store data effectively and perform tasks at an optimum time. Knowledge of a programming language like Java or Python enables you to write clean, concise code. Our developers have the top knowledge in DS, which is one of the many reasons why you should Hire Full Stack developers from us.

  • Choose a Framework and a Database

Most of the programming languages have a framework written in the same. For example, Python has Django, JavaScript has Angular, React and, Vue and Java has Spring Boot. These frameworks should be learnt only after a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts of programming are acquired. These add to better functionality and code structure.

Learning a Database is essential since you need to know how to store data on your website. Many relational database management systems boast of stellar data storage capabilities and can be learned quite quickly. Some of them are MySQL and Express.

  • Implementation

Learning the above are solid steps in becoming a Backend developer. Putting everything into practice helps solidify the concepts and helps you pick up your own programming pace. You can also learn website hosting using AWS or Heroku.

If you still need to Hire Fullstack developers, you can approach us and get top quality engineers. To Hire Full Stack developers, simple reach out to us and we will assist you in the same. While we understand that to Hire Fullstack developers may be time-consuming and burdening on your monetary resources, our engineers will deliver services that exceed your expectations.