Do you find yourself flicking through the events section of a magazine thinking about what to wear for the next big party? If so, you are certainly experiencing the early symptoms of party anticipation syndrome.

With so many dress codes and party themes to choose from, anyone can get lost easily. But don’t worry, we have created a comprehensive guide on what you can wear on each occasion. You will be able to choose the correct dress code for your style of event.
Here is the list of events and the dresses that you can wear on each event.

1. 90s Themed Party

If you look closely at the 90’s fashion, it included all those mommy pants, dungarees, plaid shirts, matching separates, chokers and more. if you going to a 90’s theme party, this is what you should wear. You can easily incorporate any combination and you are sorted.
Most of the 90’s fashion trend is making a comeback, so it is quite easy to find these outfits.

2. Christmas Party

Christmas parties are where everyone wants to forget the stress of the whole year and have a nice time. So, go all out and look you best. The most obvious choices for Christmas parties are a red dress, a black dress, or a blue lace dress. However, this time try something different, you can go for pantsuits, matching separates or monochromes. You can also wear fine body jewelry to enhance your look.

3. House Party

House parties usually imply charades, beer pong, sticker stalker more fun activities. So, unless there is a theme mentioned in the invitation, you can wear just about anything, from distressed jeans, a shirt dress to leather pants. Also, keep your makeup on the minimum side because house parties are usually done in an indoor setup.

4. Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the easiest to dress up for. These parties usually have a theme and you have to dress according to that. You can rock a crop top and skirt, shirt and ripped jeans, a one-piece boho dress, skinny jeans or hot pants and more. There are thousands of choices you can choose from.

5. Cocktail Party

If you have to follow the norms of a cocktail party, then it is a formal setup. You are expected to wear a dress that is formal, yet celebratory. A-line dress is your best bet, or you can go for something long and defining. Palazzo, pantsuits, or sleek trousers are also if you can pull them off. To enhance your outfit, you can carry a clutch, wear elevated footwear, wear elegant accessory and you are ready to rock the party in elegance and style.

6. Pool Party

There are many ways to approach this look. If you have decided to stay dry remain outside the wet zone, you can go with a floral one-piece, shades, fedora, and flats. However, if the party includes drinks, music and you decide to take a deep dive, then you can wear a bikini or a swimsuit that is both stylish and comfortable. Top it up with a pair of strapless playsuit, a cover-up dress or pair of shorts that you can yank off just before you plunge into the pool. Also, choose clothes that dry off quickly.

Remember to carry an extra pair of clothes, you never know when you might fell in the pool.

7. College Party

College parties are all about dancing, drinking, and fun activities, so wear something comfortable. You are just a student, so everything is acceptable. Try layering up by adding a leather jacket and accessories like a body bag or a choker. Work your way through your existing wardrobe or you can always buy party wear dresses for women.

8. Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are one of the easiest to dress up for. At this party, girls usually wear the same type of dress. If that is not the case with you, worry not, there are plenty of options available for bachelorette parties. You can wear a lace dress, a satin dress or a jumpsuit. A bachelorette party involves a lot of props, show your best side, and get those awesome groupfies.

9. Dinner Party

Dinner parties are different from ceremonies or cocktail parties, but they also demand you to be dressed in something casual and elegant. You can go with a full dress, a palazzo and a shirt, trousers and more. Just make sure to wear something subtle and avoid flashy accessories if possible.

No matter what people say about women and their madness for clothes. And it is ok if these people are not on board with the idea of being dressed and presentable. The most important thing about going to a party is how you dress. So, use your imagination and dress the way you want to.