you ain’t supposed to wash the lorry with that head look at that I’ve got puncture because I have nowhere it’s windy hi everyone Daniel Ashville here today is going to be a day in the life you’re going to follow me and see what exactly I do on a daily basis running the free Asheville companies for those of you who don’t know asheville inc is a construction company asheville aggregates is a waste management and aggregate supply company.
Asheville concrete is a ready mix concrete and concrete pump a supply company always got my Apple watch on monitoring my movements and actually helps me not look at the phone while I’m driving any messages and stuff I get through and it’s a good way in a meeting if you learn Apple phone I’m not being rude in the meet and then looking at your phone.
Because you just look on your watch just a little like you’re busy and you might have another meeting to go to apple cider vinegar ah ah never gets any better so here’s my little lunch box I look like a school kid thankfully for me my lunch rice and beef stew I made it yesterday I’ve got my lunch for today I’ve got my gym bag I was going to make eggs etc but I’m already running late so this is my home office I was just about to walk out the door and I’ve got an email and I have to send an attachment I’ve sat in front of the computer and I sitting in front of the computer like this at home can be dangerous because you get stuck in front of the computer because another call comes in and another email comes in and before you know it it’s still sad a computer three hours later.

So I’m going to try and do this as quick as possible and get out at the door coffee and good to go have to keep up there’s plenty to do and no one’s waiting for me right you see quick idea you look in the boot certainly I’ve got bag for all times I got a separate bag here if I’m boxing in this bag I’ve got my high base trainers I’ve got full orange gear if I need to go on the railway I’ve got hardhats I’ve got boots I’ve got everything I could possibly need the roads are pretty clear there’s no one around it’s a good time to think the sun’s up that is still not bright generally in the winner is some at this time is still pitch back it feels like the middle of the night.
when I don’t get in early in the morning like this the whole day I feel like I’m chasing my tail and I think from the night before I’ve generally got in place what will happen in the more what will happen first thing in the morning but it could all get thrown out the window sometimes some times you come in and I’m there and sometimes not so I like to keep everyone on their toes but I do see straight away as everyone as soon as everyone pulls into the yard first thing they do they check you for my cars there I know you’re not doing it I see you’re doing it already beat me to the yard and he’s already good man generally not in a bad mood at this time of day.
Because so far nothing’s actually happened that’s this changed my mood from when I woke up so I always leave the house in the morning optimistic about what the day holds that could soon turn upside down but I leave the house ready to go optimistic yeah it’s going to be a great day happy more often or not I don’t come home the same way in which I left we’ll see what happens.
Today this is all gone out the window already yes I want the key for their lorries not inside it’s writing but is it in the lorry no maybe why is that lorry duh I come into the yard someone’s got a puncture another one can’t find their keys someone else is getting diesel when you’re meant to diesel up last night someone else is deciding to wash the lorry this morning when he should have washed a lorry when he got back last night.

So I’m failing to understand why all these things happening already rise and shine ah hey that you can make all the plans in the world look at that where was it you see this head you aren’t supposed to wash the lorry with that head what I keep saying to the guys is the washer what we’ve got over there there’s a different head you component they tend to use it when they’re cleaning out the concrete pump that head makes it a lot more powerful and it is so powerful it can take the paint off the lorries so I keep taking the one to clean the pump off and putting it in the office but somebody puts it on at night and everybody gets in and they use that same head on the washer and they use it on the lorry despite me repeatedly saying not to do that all fun and games.
Apparently you change the head yeah good man look at this yeah I came over to tell him not to use it and what’s he doing he’s changing the head himself thank you where’s your high-vis where’s your I’ve is when people apply for a job here I always say to them come and do one day and see how you like it see how you get on because it’s not an environment you’d be used to so somebody’s coming in to shadow the yard shadow what transport and operations team are doing to see if this is actually something that they do want to do because everybody says they want to do it until they do it yeah thank you good man now he’s got high bids on Terry.

how nice of you to join us this morning join us this morning that carpark there ya go in there mister new boy it’s like Denzel Washington in training day obviously I’m dental if my door is open it’s always open to everyone to come in if my doors open but that’s down that means coming if it’s important yeah if that’s up it means walking whenever you like if that’s down and the doors closed it means knock yeah knock first and make sure don’t ask me a question.
I’ll tell you to google and you’ll get the answer yeah so that’s that’s generally the rules oh we ought to cement great cement delivery is here oh come on man he’s going to take my post out site silos on the other side over there but I’m just going to ask the boys sometimes we go around to the backyard and fill through defence ok no worries let me just give me one sec yeah while.
I am in charge there some of the boys who in we got a train coming later and to organize the yard he might be doing some work in the backyard so let me just call him quickly and see what he wants to do because if a man has made a plan in the yard for the past two days and I’m going to turn up and just park something in the middle of it it’s not really it’s not morning addy am I going to send this cement tank around to the backyard or should I make him load in here boys are asking me for this.
Yes I’ll leave it in the office because if I was to put this downstairs I’d never see it again guys when you start first things first you see that cage put it in the back before Noll gets here please it’s 10:00 to 7:00 and a few challenges we’ve had this morning we’ve managed to resolve everything all the boys bought one out working now we’ve had a cement delivery.
I’m going to have a meeting with everyone in the yard just talk about the trainers coming in later and just a few operational things what I want done in the yard nice and early I’m just going over emails again to make sure that we are in a good place but I’m not too bad of a morning I’ve definitely had worse and now we just carry on here’s one it is one of the problems here if a lorry was parked here and now the lorries gone now I’m wondering what that was now I wonder what this is what is that is it coolant is the engine oil he’s a hydraulic but that’s not good.
So now I need to say okay I need to do something about it I need to take that turn it round and put it at the back but I spoke to no doesn’t want this in there can we use this for some store this no he don’t the small one can you use this for some clips and stuff put it for the pump we can use for something yeah for the church for everything for the church this man err “sir can I take this for the father can I take that for the fire everything” in the yard he’s taking it for the church why is this underneath this that that was that is that from the Jack that oil good so the oils from the jack yeah not from the lorry good I feel a lot better now.
so I always use the time in the car to make as many phone calls as possible chasing up things while I’m waiting on calling members of staff I’m flower or I always used the time in the car I never sit in the car like in the daytime listening to music listening to the radio what anyone’s got to say or any of that sort of stuff when you’re in the car you’re on the phone you’re on the phone trying to work things out trying to push things forward.

I heard there about a ton lighter is that true that sounds expensive do you ever do those double-height like 25 cubic meter bodies so you could do my normal body but you could do it like a massive cubic meter each ah so we’re on site now I have to change to be honest what I’ve got in the car is actually a bit overkill wearing full orange like I’m going on the railway but that’s what I’ve got in the car we’ve done a loft conversion reacts tension full refurbishment kitchen four bathrooms new plumbing system new electrics absolutely everything it’s really crucial this part of the job.
This is where attention to detail really comes in and you need to do a lot of quality management on it so long before the client does any snag in you have to do your own snag in non-stop yeah but it’s no point we’ll make no money on it Terry you’re really screwing up my recording you keep swearing and yeah you keep swearing and I’m on camera as you can see we have shutters fitted in front of the by folds and we need to finish the fascia around.
Here which is pretty large but that’s what the client wants and we have to lay tough in the garden and then we’ll be finished down here the top two floors the client has already taken possession we’re just doing all the grouting so everything’s connected up and ready to go and the silicone.
And all the corners I come to site to meet the client and go for everything what’s left to do but the client has taken possession of the property because of the current situation which we have and they are actually working from home so they can’t actually speak to me because they’re too busy so I have to give them a call later in the day but we know what we’ve got to do I’ve met with my staff on-site we know what’s nagging issues and what work needs to be completed.
So got to keep it moving I’ve got plenty of other things to do and hopefully I can touch base with the client later in nicest possible way with meetings in the day when they need to be short and sharp when we need to get to the point really quickly not because I’m being rude but because there’s so much to do and there’s no time to waste and there is a phone call.

Coming in oh it’s Carmen it’s gone in this industry constantly throughout the day friends are evolving and things are changing and you have to think fast like you’re on your feet the entire time so we could have a lorry here and it’s job is cancelled and it’s already in Chelsea but you have Lori over here who’s going to do a job close to Chelsea so instead of this lorry coming to Chelsea you redirect this one send this one there and where this one is you try to redirect his work because Lori’s driving past each other empty makes absolutely no sense.
Hello Asheville I’m not going to be there but yeah the boys know you’re coming no thank you all right I’m going to call you a couple questions that’s all right no problem thank you all right good I’ll call you later all right sneezing thanks bye that’s foxtons calling me the next site that we’re going to is the client is very problematic because the client wants everything to be absolutely perfect and that client is me it’s a Nashville in-house project it’s a house that we’ve converted into free flats.
We’ve got an estate agent on the way and they’re going to show a potential buyer this apartment so I’m just popping around having a look in this flat just to make sure there’s any snagging and bits and pieces on the walls but we need to get done so looking good looks like we’re ready for a viewing but arab-arab out we’re still got the plastic cover on the kitchen doors which can stay nothing wrong with that because nobody’s bought yet oh wow love that oh we love that we always put these panels on very late these glass panels because we’re always afraid we’ll be working above and somebody will drop a hammer or something and we’ll go for it so as always the day takes a turn and I have to adapt and trying to get round.

It so I’ve got a puncture my driver-side rear wheel is losing air and I was thinking about it maybe I’ll just go to the yard put some air in it put some if I put some air in it I’ll just keep putting some air in it every single day so I’m going to try and go and get it fixed now so I don’t stitch myself up lay up I’ve called ahead so I’m going to pull in hopefully it’ll be like f1 pit stop I’ll go straight up on the ramp and they can take it off and hopefully they can fix the punch of straightaway and I can get back on the road but we will see so trying to get my printer fix ASAP trying to find where the puncture is experience if we see any bubbles at the moment we can’t but the tire is losing air that has messed up my entire day so the plot thickens.
As I said they never goes according to plan so when I got myself a puncture managed to get that fix now I’ve had a call from the mechanic I need some parts for a lorry and I need him now so we can get the lorry back on the road so I’ve come to buy the parts myself because it was on my way and I’m late I’m meant to be in the yard right I need the side lights to go on a body of the lorry something as small as this a side light well this the lorry can’t go out imagine that that.
I didn’t need to ask you if you if you applied – for a discount right now we’re going to go to the odd unless anything mad happens on the way there so at last I’m back at the yard first things first I’m going to go up into the office and catch up and be there in a few hours then I’m going to go into the yard and see what’s going on there’s always a lot to do but everyone says oh I’m finally back in the office thankfully because of Technology mobile phones.
I was able to do emails and I’m not that far behind finally up my desk I’m going to quickly try and get something to eat how wide can you get it can eat can you get me and you at the same time go it’s always good to have someone who you can rely on to be your eyes and ears because I’ve left the yard to go into another bits and pieces and Terry’s been running the yard he’s my eyes and ears he’s been running the lawyers etc so it’s really helpful really works need a good team around you phone calls are coming in here Julia’s dealing with them over here we have Maria and Sinead and we’re doing credit control and we’re doing accounts all at the same time Terry’s over here doing operations and transport and everyone’s working together as a team there’s a Weybridge over the other side but the way bridges are manned at the moment.

Terry just said because the camera is here don’t look he’s laughing now don’t try to pretend that you care about the people in the office and you bring sweets who has brought sweets more out of me and Terry how is he he’s never released more than me.
That’s just a joke because the cameras that’s just jokes because the cameras here but who’s brought sweets more I’ll tell the truth all right you know what don’t eat the sweets they’re in it here we have had a train come in and I need to go into the yard and make sure that everything is as it should be because of where our yard is and our yard isn’t a straight go through the trains have to go past us turn around drive back and reverse into the yard we put 18 carriages on the main line here.
And on this secondary line up there what you’ll see we put six carriages it enables us to have the biggest trains possible so we’re going to have a look and make sure everything is as it should be so what you can see here you can see this material hand low with the clamshell bucket taking the material out the carriages and stockpiling them here then what we do afterwards is we take the loading shovel and we put these all into massive piles so the trains moving forward so the material operator so he doesn’t have to move and the Train is moving forward just so he can grab out of the next carriage you have a look here your sail primary line and our secondary line days going really well as if I didn’t have enough to do we started putting content out so now I have to try and film a review of my car I’m tired I’m fading a little bit.
But we must push on hi everyone Daniel Ashville here – oh good hi everyone Daniel Ashville here today I’m going to do a review a review hi everyone Daniel Ashville here today I’m going to do hi everyone Daniel Asheville here today I’m going to do a review of my 2018 Land Rover Discovery 5 do you think wouldn’t we have to do it in this here’s a prime example of what happens sometimes when you’re an open space like this nature out of nowhere the wind has picked up.
I’m supposed to do a review of this today so I can get this car to yani so he can take the wrap off and we’ve got another video to do but we can’t actually do anything because I have nowhere it’s windy you can’t hear me i’ve got my t-shot blaring all over the place and I look ridiculous this goes to show nothing goes according to plan right so unfortunately.

We’re going to have to pack it in and stop it it’s not going to work it’s far too windy and I can’t be wasting time standing out here fighting with the natural elements I’ve got plenty of emails to do and I want to see what’s going on in the yard I need to catch up before the end of the day just to see what’s going on so we’ll reconvene indoors generally.
I get somewhere in the region of about 250 to 300 emails a day I do try to respond to as much as I can or to forward it to someone in another department who can deal with it after just being out in the yard and everyone normally come back and sit in my desk I’ve got like a hundred emails I’ve got answer so I’m probably going to be sat here for a good few hours that’s if somebody doesn’t come into the office and need me or if I spot something on the cameras and I’ve got to go out into the yard and do something so towards the end of the day it kind of quiets down in here a little bit and then I’ve got a bit more time to catch up.
So if anyone doesn’t hear back from me I’m not ignoring you I am trying to get around to it finally on the way home it’s been a good day I managed to have a train come in I managed to have a few site meetings plenty done operationally and already looking at what we’re going to do tomorrow but we’ve managed to map out a bit of tomorrow already happy with the day need to go home and prepare as best I can and try and do it all again tomorrow on the way home at a time like this I generally try to you know call friends and family and try and catch up with people generally calls that came in about ten hours ago and I didn’t call them back.
Because I was floud so now I try and call back everyone with my tail between my legs and try and explain how I was busy and hopefully they’ll take my call and hopefully we’ll ever catch up but generally people understand they know it’s like for me so just home penta wait need to regroup for the morning so take everything out take you upstairs repack and do the same again or tomorrow now I’ve come home I need to have something to eat I’ve got plenty of work to do days far from over son home I’m about to learn.
I am a creature of habit so straightaway like a schoolboy all my lunch containers everything bags are unpacked I don’t make myself something to eat now I’m not the best of cooks so I’m probably going to have to warm up some food what I made on Sunday I tend to watch series and films the problem in me is if I watch a series or film and I like it I tend to keep watching it over and over again so people say to me did you see the news last night nope did you know what happened was so-and-so nope so I’m not really up to date on what’s going on.
I kind of live in my own world as you can see so I ended up watching the likes of Game of Thrones Vikings Gamora shows like that I end up watching them repeatedly and then DUP learning I’m off by heart so I’m about to do that now while.

I sit down and have something to eat quickly I’ll probably put Gamora on so if you see the wallpaper the wallpaper is actually a massive picture of the City of London blown up the reason I’ve done that is because I always said to myself I wanted to have an office on the top floor in the city of London well that’s never going to happen now unfortunately so this is the closest I can get to it these football shirts from the wall these Queens Park Rangers shirts because I’m proud to say – Vil have sponsored Queens Park Rangers for the last few years so hopefully when the football season gets off and running again you’ll see Asheville on the pitch again and hopefully QPR would do well maybe not this season but next season I work from free screens at home.
Because I feel that I can work a lot more efficiently because I can have something different on every screen the first thing I’m looking at is the work list and the work list is what the drivers will be doing tomorrow if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail so I try to be as prepared as I possibly can but at the same time I have to try not to be too obsessive.
Because I will actually sit here all night I have done this every single night for the past six years there is no night that has gone by that I haven’t done this work list so I’m kind of used to it shower time is like a 15 minutes or I like to try to get some of the stress out of my head and try to just regroup and go for a little second wintered a little bit more work so it’s the end of the day I’m just trying to switch off a bit so I can fall asleep.
I’m watching the world’s most extraordinary homes I find these kind of shows very interesting so I really just leave the TV on turn the lights out and I just fall asleep with the TV on most of the time so you can call me lazy or you can call me a geek but I can control all the lights in the entire house and the TVs and everything from my phone so now I will say goodnight you.