Things to Get


Rucksack 40 – 50 Lt. with downpour spread.

Day Pack 15 – 20 Lt. – To convey your own apparatus, camera, water bottle, trail attire, pressed food and so forth (you will require this, when you offload your bigger pack onto a pony/watchman)



Traveling Shoes: Please don’t wear sports shoes as on most trips as we go higher it gets more enthusiastically to utilize the games shoes. We suggest shoes with a decent hard sole and furthermore lower leg uphold ideal water verification. While we don’t buy in to a specific brand you can attempt the Quechua Forclaz 600 or like.

The trip  to Hampta Valley can be redone and encouraged for 1 member additionally and for fixed takeoffs we take max. 6 members in a single gathering – in the event of under 2 individuals drive will be made through open vehicle.

In the event that you are going by your own vehicle, we recommend you show up straightforwardly at our basecamp situated in Haripur (address will be shared in the wake of booking), 14-16 km from Manali on the Naggar street, the day preceding the beginning of the trip.

Members are required to have a sensibly decent wellness level.

In the journey, if the gathering size isn’t met, the trip won’t be dropped; anyway we will go openly transport.

Journeying programs in the Himalaya not really would consistently run precisely as planned. Take into account impromptu long days or early camps because of climate interruptions or comparable causes.

All members are prescribed to have a movement protection that spreads journeying and wild travel.

Wear shoes and garments you are agreeable in and remember waterproof coats and comfortable garments.

Try not to litter nature. Polythene and plastics are non-biodegradable and undesirable for nature and must not be littered or consumed and ought to be conveyed back

Absorb the air – close your eyes and take in the sights and sounds as you investigate and watch.

Speculative Itinerary


Day 0: Delhi to Manali overnight transport.


Day 1: Reach Manali, investigate the spot on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. Rest and overnight remain in Manali.


Day 2: Drive till Jobra. Start your journey, camp for the time being at Balu Ka Ghera


Day 3: Begin traveling with the principal beams of the sun, cross Hampta Pass, camp for the time being at Shea Goru


Day 4: Trek from Shea Goru till Chattru, take the transport from Kaza to Manali. Reach Manali before sun-down