Odoo is a business management software that includes business related modules and applications such as Accounting suit, Sales management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing management, HRMS, CRM etc. These primary business modules are collectively known as ERP, which is Enterprise Resource Planning.

Odoo Saudi Arabia consists of more than 14000 third party Plugins/Apps obtainable in its app store. Each of these apps are built to suit the different needs of the users. Odoo Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular open source ERP solutions in the market.

Official models of Odoo

As stated earlier, Odoo Saudi Arabia consists of some very popular business models. Here is a short description of the following:

  • Point of sale- This module is purely web based module. Thus it entitles you to manage the shop sales pretty easily. It can work in both connected as well as disconnected systems. As a result of which you can continue sales even after you have lost your internet connection.
  • Human Resources- Odoo enables you to manage human resources in the most efficient fashion. You can track time, expenses, periodic evaluations, as well as attendance.
  • Marketing- With the marketing feature you can automate emails and certify leads that can help customers to contact the right department. This helps in facilitating long term communication with customers.
  • Application building- In order to fit your business needs you can easily and efficiently personalize many Odoo modules.
  • Payroll- Through Odoo Saudi Arabia you can eliminate all the complications regarding maintenance of data of employees’ salaries and pay slips and also lets you manage contacts in a simpler manner.
  • Purchase Management-Enables you to track and manage all activities related to purchase quite easily. Such activities include information and orders about suppliers. It allows you to check the invoices of the suppliers and also command the process of product reception.
  • CRM- The key CRM feature includes customizing the cycle of sales, controlling forecasts as well as statistics.

Key reasons for Odoo’s popularity

With every passing day the popularity of Odoo Saudi Arabia is increasing. Here are some of the key reasons:

  • Flexibility- One of the most flexible management software, Odoo lets you customize your features the way you want.
  • Open source- One of the biggest advantages provided by Odoo is that it is an open source platform. Therefore, you don’t have to incur costs of any type.
  • Custom readymade apps- The Odoo app store boasts of more than 14000 readymade applications.
  • User friendliness- The standard Odoo can either be used highly or you can also download the available themes. You can also create new themes.

Odoo is implemented by its worldwide authorized service partners. The implementation services are chiefly performed by the Odoo Techno functionalists, Odoo developers and Odoo technical architects. Odoo Saudi Arabia has its very own infrastructural source namely Open Object framework. This source has been developed in Python language and several cores of ERP modules are what it is composed of.