The exterior elevation of a home needs as much attention as the interiors. After all, the exterior of a home is the first part that meets the eye of a visitor. Therefore, it must look as classy as the rest of the house. A lot of architects and homeowners are turning towards tiles to up the style quotient of the exterior elevation of their home. And why not; tiles have countless benefits over simple wall paint or stone cladding options. The tiles are affordable and have a life that can span over decades. There are hundreds of options when it comes to exterior tiles. From rustic look tiles to special wall cladding tiles with wood and marble finish, you can adorn your exterior elevation any way you want. So, if you are sure that you are going forward with tiles, here are some important points that you must know before you hit the floor.

Elevation tiles

Tiles are widely used in projects, both domestic and commercial. They inspire the creativity and imagination of designers and architects more than anything. Available in endless designs, sizes, patterns and textures, elevation tiles can give any exteriors a completely different appeal. The key is to research thoroughly and select the best option for your home.

Myriads of options in exterior elevation tiles

  • Natural Stone Wall Tiles 

Natural stone tiles impart an appeal that is timeless and unique. Once installed these tiles add a royal feel to the overall project while adding on to style and elegance. With their vivid colored tones and their other-worldly designs, natural stone wall tiles can turn every project into a sheer masterpiece. Leave your guests awe-struck with the flaw-less finesse of these tiles on your home exteriors.

  • Wood Look Tiles

If you are someone who is closer to nature and its wonders, then wooden color tiles are perfect for your home exterior elevation. These tiles exude a calm and peaceful appeal that is inspired by nature itself. Available in various shades and tones, wooden look tiles give homeowners and architects complete freedom to unleash their creativity. But make sure that you choose tiles that mimic the realistic appeal of wood grains; otherwise, it might make the whole project look superficial. If multiple shades and tones of wooden tiles leave you confused, then simply choose a dark walnut brown shade. This shade suits every exterior perfectly giving it an appeal that is always warm.

  • Brick Look Tiles

If you wish to play with ever-stylish rustic tones, then vitrified tiles with brick tones are what you are looking for. A well-designed building façade adorned with brick look tiles makes home all the more impressive. Earthen tone tiles like terracotta clay-colored tiles have been the top choice for exterior aesthetics, but that does not mean you cannot explore other unique options available in this category.

  • Random Pattern Tiles
    Now, if you don’t want to follow the beaten path and are inspired to create your own, then random pattern tiles are what you are looking for. Available in endless fashions, sizes, and patterns, the designs of these tiles can only be limited by one’s imagination. You can unbox new possibilities with every random pattern tiles box and create beautiful artwork on your exterior elevation. With some help from a good artist or designer, you can work out designs that are non-repeating and simply magical.

Apart from these commonly found tiles for exterior elevation, there are many other lesser-known options that you can use for your project. As these tiles will adorn the most important part of your home i.e. exteriors, it makes sense that you weigh all your options and make an informed decision before purchasing.

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