Paid ads have been of great help to many companies, allowing them to attract new customers and leading them to increase their sales. The advertising Amazon may be another option to PPC (Pay per Click) we already know to get the brands to continue to grow.

In Chile, the PPCs that are known and used the most are Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords, but there are other media that are growing on a large scale. In Latin America, Mark Zuckerberg’s social networks – Instagram and Facebook – continue to be one of the favorites; therefore his ads are very popular.

Something similar happens with the Google search engine. Its great penetration in the market makes people look for what they need there, so advertising through this means ensures great reach to the target audience.

What is this type of advertising on Amazon?

Basically what is done here is that within the Amazon website, when a visitor searches for a certain product, a sponsored one appears above the rest of the “normal” or organic results.

It is beneficial for brands as it allows you to reach Amazon customers while they are looking or looking for something that interests them. Thus, the ads appear on the pages of search results.
It is a way to increase sales.

The 3 types of Amazon Ads campaigns

1 – Sponsored Products

This type of ad will appear to a user when they perform a search using keywords that were assigned to that particular product. Its mechanics are very similar to what is done with Google Adwords.

The products that are sponsored will appear in different formats and sizes as they will adapt to the type of device being used, such as desktop, mobile or tablet, for example.

 2 – Advertising on Amazon: Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are what were previously called Featured Ads. In addition to helping to increase sales, they serve perfectly to work on brand awareness. As shown in the image above, the visitor will find them at the top of searches.

They are also ads that are activated according to the keywords that the user searches. When clicked, it takes you to a landing page with that and other products, which shows what the Amazon brand ungating services have to offer.

3 – Display Ads

This type of ad allows targeting by product, by interests, or by ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) also known as SKU. Without a doubt, this type of advertising on Amazon is useful when you want to reach a more specific audience.

Tips to better optimize a campaign

Amazon Marketing Services wants different campaigns to be well optimized for better results. Therefore, through advertising reports it provides useful information.

It gathers data on keywords and ways in which people search for the different products that are sponsored. Also, it shows which keywords and campaigns are the ones that help generate more sales.

Another thing, miracles do not exist. All the brands with the highest number of sales on Amazon have a wide catalogue of products. This is what we call Product Listing and it is nothing more than all the information available on the product detail pages.

Optimize is also a word that is used very frequently and with it we mean to dedicate time and love to the detail page, constantly reviewing it, consistently and always keeping in mind the fundamental objective that we seek with the product with which we are working.