Buying health insurance for international students in Australia are also recognised as OSHC for its English acronym (Overseas Student Health Cover)-covering the length of the visa is an essential prerequisite. The medical costs in Australia are high compared to many countries, and it would be very difficult to avail of the medical facilities if you don’t have adequate health cover. That is one of the reasons why the Australian Home Affairs Department has mandated an OSHC for international students.

The rule might vary if you belong to a country that has a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHCA) and can enjoy a subsidised facility of Public Health system or Medicare in Australia. Currently, 13 countries have an RHCA including the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand and Slovenia. Of the 11 RHCA countries with Australia, students from Belgium, Sweden and Norway are not expected to have an OSHC Australia for their visa requirements.

Students can secure OSHC from either the university, insurer’s website, migration agent or an education agent acting on behalf of the university. If you are one such agent, then you could also check a free OSHC comparison tool – KONPARE, specifically designed for agents to manage leads, sales reports, earn commission, and much more.

Why is Australia considered as an excellent option for international students?

Before discussing in-depth about the Overseas Student cover, let’s have a quick sneak peek on why Australia considers as one of the top choices for students.
Australia is a popular choice for many international students for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the quality tertiary education they’ll receive here. Australia has 43 universities, with one private university as well as two international universities. Six are currently in the top 100 university rankings worldwide.
You will get plenty of opportunities for internships during courses and post-graduation employment opportunities are also high in there.

What is covered by Overseas Student Health Insurance?

The Australian Government determines the services offered by insurers through the Australian Department of Health; thus, all have a standard plan covering:

  • Ambulance services
  • 100% premium for medical or clinical facilities which is specified in the healthcare benefits program (accommodation, consultants and/or surgery).
  • Medications (up to $50 AUD per item and up to $300 AUD per year in items)

What is not covered by Overseas Student Health Insurance?

  • To some extent, it depends on the particular insurance provider. For example, facilities offered by the Allianz OSHC and Nib can be different. However, the insurance providers do not cover;
  • Cost of any treatment you have started before living in Australia and when you move out of this country
  • Transfers of the student or his beneficiary, for some cause, inside or outside Australia.
  • Third-party treatments and compensations
  • The cost of any reproductive surgery or treatment such as In-vitro-fertilisation (IVF)

How can you make use of the insurance?

If you have an emergency in an ambulance where it is appropriate to be transported, please do not hesitate to dial the emergency line 000. When you require a less urgent examination in another situation, you should arrange a choice appointment at the medical institution.

You can find that the clinic or hospital will either produce an invoice or send it directly to the insurance company; if the latter is the case you need to file it with the insurer to refund the money.

Do you want to bring your partner with you as well?

If you are not coming alone and have a family with you, you shouldn’t worry. Getting a health plan for your partner or relatives will be essential too. Overseas Health Insurance also protects the principal visa holder’s family. The price for a family cover, however, is high compared with a single cover.

How can you claim your OSHC Australia?

You can claim your OSHC in two ways, i.e. online and offline. To claim Online, you have to visit the service provider’s website and download the claim form. You will be receiving a unique Claim Reference Number on your receipt. You have to scan and email that receipt to the account of the policy provider.

You can claim your policy on campus by visiting ‘on-campus customer service location’ as well.

How Get My Policy can help you to buy an OSHC?

Getmypolicy is an accessible comparison portal for your OSHC policies. Instead of visiting every service provider’s website, you can visit We have listed a wide range of plans from the leading service providers across Australia.

Once you select the visa type, cover type, start and end date, you will receive the quotes from the service providers. You can compare the plans and choose the best one for you according to your budget and needs.

What are the leading health insurance providers? will show the OSHC quotes from Ahm, Allianz Global Assistance, Bupa, Medibank and Nib. These are the leading service providers in Australia.
You can also visit for more information related to any inquiry regarding studying in Australia.