As we know in this growing world one platform is not enough for More User Engagement. Nowadays Instagram is a More Popular platform than any other. Instagram is an effective way to engage more people in your post in 2020. The post with hashtags averages 12.6 % more engagement than the post without hashtags. 

This Guide will completely help you with growing your business in terms of getting Followers, More views, more engagement.

So ready to learn About the Hashtags tangles? here is the content you have to go through :

  1. Importance of Hashtags
  2. Types of Instagram Hashtags
  3. Top 20 popular Instagram Hashtags
  4. Top 20 Instagram hashtags for 2020
  5. Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for getting likes and Followers in 2020
  6. Top 10 Instagram Activity Hashtags in 2020

Hashtag in 2020

1.Importance Of Hashtags :

Using the Hashtags you reach your Target Audience. Your audience Uses many Hashtags but can you know that one? It’s also very important to know the valuable and most Usable hashtags.

It’s also helpful for your business to use the Relevant and targeted hashtags to reach more audience on Instagram.

Instagram is based on Photos and Videos content. The Right Hashtags can put you in a targeted Audience, even they not connected with you before.

For Example, a Fashion Designerblogger post an image and then uses the Hashtags like #fashion  #fashiondesigner, #indianfashionblogger.


2.Types Of Instagram Hashtags:

There are three types of Hashtags in social media marketing :

        1. Brand-specific
        2. Content
        3. Trending



  • Brand-specific :

Perfect brand hashtags are the key to the brand. If you use hashtags with your brand it will be more specific to the Audience. For example, kit Kat and chocolate will use the hashtags like #Haveabreak in their posts, not only this but the people who share the pics of that related items on that also mention that hashtag for the, from this you can reach up to more audience from the brand tag. Brand hashtags are often changing.


  • Content Hashtags :

Content hashtags are the direct key to reach your target audience. You cannot make the hashtags of each word you have to choose the relevant one. Using the content hashtags you have to think like your customer. How they are tagging and what hashtags they are more engaging with.



  • Trending Hashtags :

As word also said its meaning is trending. You know all about which industry or business using their hashtags that are used in each of their posts. And the trending is that audience or people can searches for that nowadays. Also using this trending hashtags you can target your target audience too.


3.Top 20 popular Instagram Hashtags:

  1. #love
  2. #beauty
  3. #fashion
  4. #style
  5. #follow
  6. #fun
  7. #like
  8. #repost
  9. #followforfollow
  10. #design
  11. #tbt
  12. #nature
  13. #lifeisgood
  14. #selfie
  15. #instapic
  16. #instamood
  17. #bestoftheday
  18. #followme
  19. #igers
  20. #nofilter

4.Top 20 Instagram Hashtags for 2020 :

  1. #workout

  2. #cool
  3. #life
  4. #inspiration
  5. #swag
  6. #funny
  7. #food
  8. #friends
  9. #nyc
  10. #gym
  11. #ootd
  12. #foodie
  13. #madefromscrach
  14. #wanderlust
  15. #weddingstyle
  16. #cardio
  17. #giveaway
  18. #instacontest
  19. #latesttech
  20. #makinglifeeasier


5.Top 10 Instagram Hashtags For Getting Likes and Followers – 2020 :


  1. #Instamood
  2. #likeforlike
  3. #like
  4. #followme
  5. #comments
  6. #following
  7. #likeback
  8. #followall
  9. #followhim
  10. #c4c


6.Top 10 Instagram Activity Hashtags – 2020 :

  1. #exiting
  2. #performance
  3. #show
  4. #movie
  5. #netflix
  6. #story
  7. #readingbooks
  8. #showtime
  9. #4k
  10. #episodes


Conclusion :

Instagram is a very popular Network nowadays. One can easily find out the Targeted Audience with the help of the Hashtags, It is very useful when you wanted to know about Which Hashtags your Audience is using and how they can engage with them. May this list of popular and trending Hashtags helpful for you.