The benefits of massage on the overall body and wellbeing are undisputed. One type of massage you should consider getting is traditional Thai massage. Usually described as assisted yoga, traditional Thai massage is the most physical and active massage therapy. This is more than laying on a table and drifting off. Throughout the session, expect twisting, stretching, and turning into various surprising positions aimed at enhancing blood flow and lengthening each body muscle.

What happens during the session?

There is no use of oils or lotions during traditional Thai massage. You are required to dress in soft and non-restrictive. Alternatively, the therapist will give you a simple outfit to wear. Expect to get up close and personal with the therapist. This will rock, pull, and compress your body throughout the session. This massage happens on the floor or mat but not on the table.

This massage therapy follows body “Sen” lines tracing energy movement. These loosely correspond with the cardiovascular and anatomical nervous systems. Traditional Thai massage includes compression and release of the body without muscle rubbing and pressing. The therapist might do various unusual things including pulling on your toes or fingers, cracking your knuckles, tugging your ears, or standing on your back. This should never be painful and notify the therapist when feeling discomfort.

Reasons to get traditional Thai massage
Enhancing energy flow

Traditional Thai massage believes that tightening muscles lead to diminishing energy flow in the body. Restricted energy-free flow makes you inflexible, stiff, and suffers pain. With time, the muscles and connective tissues are likely to get shortened compromising immunity, posture, and organ function. This subsequently speeds up disability and aging. Avoiding this is enough reason to make you request for traditional Thai massage when you visit a body massage spa near me.
The massage involves pressing techniques to enhance blood circulation. This facilitates better oxygen and nutrient flow to body tissues. It also encourages the body to naturally eliminate waste including carbon dioxide, and metabolic products more efficiently. The traditional Thai massage session might also include stretching to relax the muscles further. This encourages regaining natural tone and flexibility. After the session, you are likely to enjoy relief from chronic stiffness and improved mobility.

Pain relief

When suffering from scapula costal syndrome (SCS), traditional Thai massage can offer significant pain reduction. You will be more satisfied with the results after a massage session compared to the effects of ultrasound therapies. Traditional Thai massage is also a great remedy for chronic pain. This is ideal for athletes and when having a long-term injury. The massage is also a great remedy when suffering from ligament sprain and medial meniscus tear.
Relief for headaches and neck pain

There is a particular type of traditional Thai massage requiring applying pressure on particular body meridians. Court-type Thai massage is very effective when suffering from chronic headaches. The relief comes from the stimulation of lymph circulation and blood flow during the session. It also causes relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Yoga-inspired wellness

Traditional Thai massage offers yoga-inspired wellness. The therapist will move your body in various yoga positions to create flexibility, stretch, and extension of your motion range. This is without having to attend a regular yoga class. This Thai massage is ideal for people with physical limitations resulting from illness or injury. The massage also works as a wonderful introduction to movement to people who rarely exercise. This massage is a wonderful complement to your fitness routine for reducing muscular pain and other issues.

Mindful rest

For the traditional Thai massage session, you are to lie down in a dimly lit room. Your commitment to have this massage allows surrendering to the present situation. This allows the body and mind to flow through slow methodical movements to lull you into a restful state. Disengaging from everything around you including your life’s sensory overload will give you space and time to beat any stress. This meditational therapy will guide you to experience the present in a more liberating way resonating with your overall being. This makes traditional Thai massage deeply transformative.

Peaceful slumber

You can go for traditional Thai massage at any time of the day. Visiting the spa at night is a trick to guide your body and mind into restorative sleep. Such a wonderful night’s rest will allow your body to rejuvenate and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Bottom line

Everyone desires to be in great health always. With the immense benefits of massage therapy, you should consider visiting a spa for traditional Thai massage. This therapy uses no oils or lotions and involves more pressing and pulling. This offers significant benefits to the body including relief from chronic pain, restful sleep, enhanced energy flow, and yoga-inspired wellness. Anyone can have this massage including athletes any time of the day.