Finding that right venue for your special event is an uphill task. If the venue is centrally located, then it’s done to death. If it has some unique features, one will have to drive out miles to reach it. If you’re expecting outstation guests, it could be far from the airport, which makes it a no-no.

What then? Isn’t there any place on this earth that will appeal to us and take care of all our needs? Sure, there is. Barely an hour from Orlando and deep in the heart of New Smyrna Beach, there is a unique and stately event venue, The Grand Ol Barn.

All That You Can Expect

Its name adds a lot of mystique and sophistication to its character, which unfolds before you on a visit. Hiring this venue is great also because you do not have to bring in event managers to manage your event. There are in-house experienced and imaginative event managers who can convert the space here into a corporate environment.

You can also have access to the seating and AV equipment here—all so that you can have a stress-free time with your colleagues and friends. Moreover, it is not just your corporate event that you can host here. Choose to host a fundraiser, if you wish, or a Christmas party, workshop, concert or jamboree, family movie night, graduation party or even an awards banquet. If your guests are limited to 700, they can easily be accommodated here and have a good time too!

The Barn

Barn Wedding

The ambiance and history of the Barn are sure to draw you to it. To think that there’s a 1914 citrus packing barn which has been restored to be a barn rental for events. Imagine being seated in the midst of original hardened cedar, exquisite chandeliers and uplighting providing the right effect, and state of the art AV equipment and sound system.

And you can order your eats here or arrange for it yourself. But that’s not all. The Barn is also home to intimate and personal events like your wedding. Have a fairy tale wedding with amazing arrangements that will make for an unforgettable day in your life. And you also get several options for photography in different parts of this venue.


An event as special as your graduation, wedding or award night deserves a special setting. The Grand Ol Barn is just that. Hire it to experience it.