During financial emergencies as well as liquidity shortages, credit cards can be used as an effective form of an advance. Moreover, for the past few years, various types of credit cards have changed the way borrowers used to avail and utilize debt. Thus, presently, credit cards are considered as one of the most useful credit instruments.

Candidates from all categories, including self-employed, salaried, NRIs, and even students can apply for a credit card to meet their diverse financing needs. However, applicants need to submit a few standard documents along with their application form.

Following are the lists of necessary documents category-wise –

List of documents for salaried individuals

  • KYC documents

As per the government rules and regulations, all borrowers are required to submit their KYC documents not only to apply for a credit card but to avail of any financial services. These documents can verify the identity, address, and age of applicants. Here are the documents –

  • Aadhaar
  • Passport
  • Voter Id card
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Income proof

Depending on the lenders, salaried individuals have to submit the following documents for credit cards

Salary slips of the previous 3-6 months.
Income Tax Returns (ITR).
Form 16.

However, individuals without PAN can also submit Form 60 as an alternative option.

List of documents for self-employed individuals

  • KYC documents

The KYC documents required for credit cards for self-employed candidates are the same as those for salaried applicants.

  • Income proof

As income proof, these individuals have to furnish-
Certificate of their business continuity for a minimum of 5 years.
CA-certified financial documents.
ITR along with computation of their earnings.

List of documents for NRI individuals

  • For NRIs, driving license or passport can work as KYC documents.

If NRIs wish their card to be mailed in India, there are some other documents required for credit cards than the mentioned ones. They include – 

  • Electricity bill
  • Post-paid mobile connection invoice
  • Account statement
  • Lease or rental deed agreement 
  • Voter ID
  • Property title deed

List of documents for students

Students need to submit the below-mentioned documents to apply for a credit card.

  • KYC documents
  • Driving license
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhar
  • PAN
  • Passport


  • Proof of a student
  • Identity card of college or university
  • Admission slip
  • Study certificate mentioning the academic session


Eligibility Criteria

Besides submitting these requisite documents, individuals have to meet the eligibility parameters as well to apply for a credit card online in 3 steps. As card rejections impact the credit history of individuals adversely, borrowers should be careful about the criteria. Some of the standard requirements are listed below.

  • Age – 25-65 years 
  • Monthly income – Depends on the financial institution
  • Employment status – Employed with any public, private companies, or MNC. Self-employed individuals are also allowed to apply for credit cards.
  • Residential status – Both Indian residents and NRIs are qualified for cards.
  • Credit score – Above or around 750. 

Notably, applicants with a CIBIL score of 750 or more are preferred as borrowers as it shows reliable credit behavior. These candidates may negotiate for credit cards with accelerated benefits like lower interest rates, better reward programs, etc. Thus, individuals should always try to maintain a good credit history to achieve higher creditworthiness.

Due to the increasing demand for credit cards, several financial institutions have come up with various advantages and features to suit user needs. So, individuals can choose cards as per their specific spending habits. Borrowers can also look for cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard that come with excellent reward programs for cost-effective spending.

Lastly, card users should remember that any credit tools come with a responsibility for timely repayment. Thus, borrowers need to know all the important things before applying for a credit card, which essentially includes their repayment options, among other benefits.

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