Car batteries are drained of their power by constant use; however, they can be recharged using an alternator when driving. The average battery life ranges between 3 to 6 years depending on the quality of the product. There are several factors that contribute to reduced car battery life. If your car battery died at an early age, it might be due to one of the following factors. Have a close look at the following 5 factors affecting your car battery life

Factors Contributing to Poor Battery Life

  1. Change in Temperature

Change in temperature can significantly affect your car battery performance. Car batteries in colder countries tend to last longer than those used in scorching hot climates. This is because heat accelerates chemical activities in car batteries and also boosts up internal corrosion by evaporating the liquid inside the battery. All these issues damage the internal structure of the battery and reduce the lifespan of your car battery. Extreme temperatures can also cause your car battery to die, and you may need to make a dead battery replacement to keep your car rolling.

  1. Poor Charging Sources

A poor charging source can drain your car battery when driving in. Insufficient voltage supply from your alternator can lead to faster car battery drainage. Moreover, if you leave your lights and electronics turned on accidentally, it can cause excessive strain on your car battery and drain your battery quickly. If you find your lights and radio not working, it’s probably because your car battery died. As a result, the car stalls and will not start unless you recharge your car battery.

  1. Poor or Defective Alternator Diodes

Faulty or poor alternator diodes also contribute to the sluggish battery performance. A good-quality diode enables current flow in one direction, whereas, a malfunctioning diode causes the opposite flow of current. As a result, it constantly keeps the charging circuit functional even if the engine is stopped. This ultimately speeds up the battery drainage.

  1. Too Many Short Drives

Short distance driving can also contribute to faster battery drainage. Make sure you do not drive for less than 20 minutes as it’s not sufficient time for the alternator to completely charge your car battery. Also, reducing the number of short trips will also help in extending the life of your car battery.

  1. Excessive Use of Electronics and Lights

One of the commonest reasons that call for dead car battery replacement is using the electronics and lights without the engine running. Therefore, make sure you do not accidentally leave your car’s headlights, dome lights, and audio system on as this will drain your battery causing it to discharge early. Make sure you control the usage of such electronics and adapters to prolong the life of your car battery.

  1. Accumulation of Dirt, Grease and Corrosion

Accumulation of dirt, grease and corrosion on the battery’s terminals over time also leads to poor efficiency of a car battery which ultimately needs an immediate dead battery replacement. You may clean using a toothbrush and sprays designed to clean the corrosion build-ups on batteries. You may also have your local mechanic service your car battery and check for any potential warning sign that might cause your battery to die.

  1. Car Battery Age

With the passage of time, car batteries tend to degrade in their performance levels. As your battery ages over time, it loses its efficiency, and require an urgent dead battery replacement.

By considering all the above-mentioned factors affecting your car battery life, you may take certain precautionary measures if you want your battery running in an optimal condition. If your car battery is not responding even if it’s fully charged, you must take it to your local mechanic for servicing. If your car battery is too old, you should consider replacing with a new one to avoid any unforeseen problems caused due to your bogged down car.

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