This earth is full of people who spend most of their time using smart devices. Every day some technological development takes place and we get to witness something new in the digital world. But, the truth is that, not only the technology gets improved but also new bugs make way to our digital lives. This is where ‘zero-day threats’ come in. If you do not know much about it, then worry no more. We are going to learn a few essential things that you should know about it. Along with this, we will learn how McAfee products downloaded via can help us in such situations.

What is a ‘zero-day threat’?

In simpler terms, we can say that, whenever we use our devices to surf the web, at that time some unknown guests make entry to our systems. These devices, tend to have bugs and other vulnerabilities which if not removed may give way to ‘zero-day threats’. That is why users are recommended to install updates especially bug removal updates so that such threats can be avoided. In this threat, cybercriminals, take advantage of these vulnerabilities and infect our devices with whatnot.

To explain ‘zero-day’, we can say that it is a period from the time a bug is discovered to the time when it is reported. Therefore, the bug fixers get zero-day to find out a fix for that particular bug and that is why it is known as a zero-day threat. Although they may not as effectively harm our devices as other threats, when they combine together to attack a system, they can wreak havoc.

How to stay protected?                            

Now, you must be thinking, what can you do to stay one step ahead of such threats? Well, there are a few precautions you can take to avoid zero-day threats and these are discussed below:

  • Update your apps and programs regularly- this is the first thing you should consider along with using rock-solid passwords on the online platforms you use. As soon as the update rolls out, you should immediately download it without giving it a second thought.
  • Avoid using too many apps- one should avoid downloading so many unnecessary apps because not only it will fill up your storage but also it will give way to vulnerabilities to a larger extent. Also, do not download an app from a platform other than the official ones.
  • Use McAfee SiteAdvisor- this product from provides comprehensive security to your device when it has high chances of getting attacked. Moreover, users should be notified about a dangerous website when they try to visit it.

To conclude

Other than this, McAfee LiveSafe, another McAfee product, increases the likelihood of monitoring your devices from malware. In case, you are wondering which product to choose for comprehensive endpoint security, then you may consider navigating to Here, you will come across innumerable articles that are available to resolve user queries about McAfee and its products.