Art Jam: an activity that has become popular and more widespread in recent years. Art Jamming, in essence, is a fun, relaxing and boundless activity, which is also seen as an effective relaxation therapy for people to get out of their hectic daily life and find tranquility. If you are not familiar with Art Jam, here is a brief introduction to understand what Art Jamming is and its therapeutic effect on the body and soul.

What is art jam?

In practice, the art jam is carried out between you, lots of paintings, a pair of brushes and a place to place the paint, which can be a canvas, a canvas, canvas bags, canvas shoes or anything you can think of.

During the painting process, one can release his emotion with color strokes, different color combinations and enjoy a deep level of concentration. All this could keep you from your worries and refresh your mind.

Who is suitable for Art Jamming?

When talking about paint, whether it is oil or acrylic paint, some people would immediately have a denial reaction, such as ‘Oh, come on, I can’t paint!’ O ‘I’ve never picked up a brush since elementary school! ‘.

However, this entire phase of denial is exactly the reason why the art jamming team building is used as a therapy to relieve the pressure of daily life. In fact, this art therapy is suitable for anyone, whether they have experience in painting or not. Art Jamming does not require or develop the painting technique. Nor would criticize the way of painting or the level of creativity.

If you are working in an office with emails entering and leaving every minute; In a store that deals with customers, or as a busy person who stays at home taking care of the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can enjoy stuck art without any painting technique.

Enjoy unlimited decisions

It is undeniable that human beings are born in nature to behave collectively in social environments. A lot of social norms are affecting human behavior every day. The time of your lunch, the expected dress code between the opposite sex or the expected behavior at times of receiving a gift, etc., is subtly regulated between society. People develop negative energy when they are not happy with the norm, when they do not comply with the norm or when they cannot force themselves to adapt to the norm.

In art, all these expectations and social norms are out of sight. You can freely enjoy how to paint your own work of art, what tools to use (or use tools or not), what color scheme you want, etc. There are no limits, rights or errors, be normal or not in the art jam. What you can enjoy is the maximum freedom to make your own decision, without the need to consult anyone.

Meet again

Another therapeutic aspect of jamming art is the deep level of concentration it provides during its painting process. You focus solely on yourself and the painting, while the entire decision-making process is completely in accordance with your own heart.

There are many occasions in daily life that you simply cannot follow your own heart to make decisions. For example, it could be that you are following the social norm and do not want to disappoint someone and force yourself to do something you do not want to do. An example is being ‘sociable’. The ‘norm’ in society is that you must be sociable and enjoy at parties. Otherwise, it would be named as ‘antisocial’. But ask yourself, do you really enjoy every party every time? Or do you sometimes prefer to spend time differently?

A deep level of concentration could get you out of your daily routine and your mental burdens. You could say that the temporary departure from reality during Jamming is not permanent, but the relaxation you can get from the activity is still very noticeable. It also helps you realize who exactly you are.