Speaking amidst thousands of people can be intriguing as well as challenging for many. However, reaching out to your audience lays the foundation for a successful show. That is why audience response systems (ARS) are trending in the market. In case you are a speaker, you must have used this system in your shows.
However, the question comes down to whether it is a profitable option for the host or not? What can be the utility of ARS even in a small gathering or an educational conference? To understand the advantages of using such a system, let us carefully examine it.
About ARS
Conducting a successful show of any kind requires the active participation of the audience. That is why the host or the speaker tends to give so much importance to audience responses. ARS happens to be a system that enhances the interaction between the audience and the presenter.
The leading models come with wireless hardware along with presentation software and some additional features. In the case of educational set-up, it is mainly known as a personal or student response system. Therefore, in simpler terms, it is a system that mediates the connection between the two parties. It helps the audience to convey their messages and views to the presenter and vice versa.
The Utility of An Audience Response System
As already highlighted in the last section, ARS helps the presenter to connect with his/her audience. But why does the host require such devices for connecting with the audience? Isn’t he/she capable enough to engage the audience with the speech and presentation?
No doubt, the presentation, and the hosting skills are quite attractive and can keep the audience engaged with the content. But we are talking about larger conferences and educational concerts.
In such large gatherings, it is practically impossible for a single host or a speaker to engage every person in the audience. That is why ARS and slide and polling software are being used extensively to reach the audience. Here are some of the advantages of using such software by the host:
ARS or student response system finds extensive uses in case of educational conferences. In a recent study, the faculty members showed how these systems could engage the students during the show. Also, it helped the presenters assess the students’ attitudes and engagement in the sessions. Therefore, such a system can motivate around 90% of the total attendees to engage in the sessions. As a whole, it can enhance their engagement and attentiveness significantly.
Track Responses
A conference or show requires the attention of the audience. Especially if a company is launching a product, it is essential to know each participant’s views. The availability of ARS helps the host to track the individual responses of each of the participants. How does that help? It helps the company understand the positive and negative response the product might receive in the market.
Gather Data
Another reason why ARS is popular is that it helps the host to gather potential data for analysis. A presenter always wants to research his/her skills to rectify past mistakes. That is why it is essential to collect such data directly from the audience for different forms of analysis.
Other than these, ARS is also crucial in creating a quirky and interactive environment for the audience. As engagement is one of the vital points of a successful show, hence ARS is an excellent assistant to the presenter.