B. Tech In Biotechnology – Course Overview

Biotechnology creates a vital link between biology and technology. From the development of innovative gene therapies and novel drugs to improving washing powders so they neutralise bacteria at lower temperatures, biotechnological is the field that silently shaping the world we live in. Our B. Tech in Biotechnology course covers all aspects of the applied biochemistry and biotechnology industries, including commercialising technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property, and patents. Biotechnology encompasses the latest discoveries regarding biological molecules, cells, and organisms and applies them to problems arising in health, industry, and the environment. This discipline continues to expand as technology develops. The course at Swarrnim Science College has been designed to have practical laboratory work that forms an integral part of this program and you will be required to complete these practical elements to a satisfactory standard. As the course progress, it emphasizes scientific research where the students obtain first-hand experience of laboratory research.

Key Feature

The programme is designed by industry experts hence it meets all the modern-day challenges and requirements. The Biotechnology course at Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University provides a broad-focused revolving around chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biotechnology, and biochemical engineering alongside experience of the experiment skills essential for future research. The programme is designed to equip graduates for a career in this new and exciting discipline, which has developed out of some of the most dramatic scientific discoveries of the last 30 years. The teaching at Swarrnim is enriched by the Department’s leading research and innovation programme and consultation projects done by the faculties. Hence students will be learning the advances made in the subject. To learn and earn the degree of B. Tech in Biotechnology Swarrnim is the best place to be.

Career Outcomes

Biotechnology, the broadest of all life sciences disciplines. It includes Basic knowledge of biological and instrumental knowledge. We not only give knowledge about life science branches but also develop health care treatments for them. When you choose a biotechnology course, you equip yourself for a career in medical and biological research, in hospital and public health laboratories or the pharmaceutical, food, water, and agricultural industries. Previous graduates have been placed in various research laboratories and companies form the campus itself. You’ll also develop analytical, numerical, and communication skills that are in demand in other careers such as accountancy, journalism, marketing, and teaching.

Why Study At Swarrnim?

This course will introduce the cross-disciplinary nature of biotechnology and its wide range of applications providing the skills and technical knowledge to work in a multidisciplinary environment. Throughout the three-year course, you will develop essential skills in laboratory and fieldwork and build detailed knowledge of research methodologies. You will acquire practical skills and analytical associated with biotechnological research and development. Moreover, Swarrnim is the first university of India dedicated to promoting startup and innovation. During or after the course if a student develops a new idea in this field, the Swarrnim Incubation Center provides the complete support to make the idea commercial. We have the ecosystem in place where your journey as an entrepreneur can become easy and smooth. When you choose Swarrnim University for graduation in biotech you choose the best B. Tech in Biotechnology course.


12th Class with a minimum 45% marks.


2 Years

How To Apply?

Admission Process is through Online/Offline Admission at Campus. You may click the apply now button and submit your details. Our career counsellors will get back to you with all course details.

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