B. Tech In Chemical Engineering – Course Overview

The demand for chemical engineering across industrial sectors from energy to food and beverages, environment, pharmaceuticals, oil, etc. are increasing day by day. Hence is safe to say that this course is a great choice to pursue a career. Chemical engineers use energy-efficient resources to work out the processes to make products. Our B. Tech in Chemical Engineering course is tailored to the engineering industry demands and give you the skills to make an impact when you graduate as a Chemical Engineer. This course at Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University will prepare you for a career in which you’ll research and test new products like petrol, plastics, medicines, food or beverages, and attempt to make them commercially viable. We use the expertise of Swarrnim University with a vibrant and creative team of faculties to deliver an exciting undergraduate programme, bringing together all the essentials of chemical engineering to develop a deep understanding of the subject.

Students at the university can understand how to alter the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance, processes used to create everything from personal care products to medicines to advanced functional materials, such as smart coatings. They also learn about the engineering principles used to design large-scale processing plants for everything from food to oil, with an emphasis on safety, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Key Feature

The programme is both practical and theoretical: you’ll be in the lab from the first year, working on projects relevant to the chemical engineering industry. In the third year, you’ll carry out a lab-based research project, based on your interests and integrated into the School’s world-leading research activities. Swarrnim Institute of Technology has excellent facilities with well-equipped teaching and research laboratories, modern lecture theatres, and dedicated computer suites. During the B. Tech in Chemical Engineering, students are also provided the opportunities to work on live projects of industries and governments under the guidance of experienced faculties. Another feature is Sustainability which is embedded within the design project, with examples including the sustainable production of chemicals.

Career Outcome

Chemical engineering students will get the knowledge about the instrumentation field, basic knowledge of methods of measurements through chemical engineering core subjects. It also helps with the ability to make material balances on unit operations and processes. Our graduates enjoy a wide choice of careers in the process, energy, and healthcare industries and companies involved in the design and construction of chemical plants. Many graduates have also entered research organizations, public utilities, consultancy, and the information technology industry, with many opportunities for employment overseas.

Why Study At Swarrnim?

Chemical Engineering demands a state of the art infrastructure and industry-oriented curriculum. Students at Swarrnim can understand and describe chemical, physical, and biological processes using mathematical equations, as well as learning about and getting hands-on experience of using the equipment and techniques applied in industry for large-scale manufacturing. The industry-oriented curriculum is the core of Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University. We provide you a unique opportunity to learn through a customized program to establish yourself in the industry. On the other hand, specially designed and focused approach to Innovation, startup, and placements give the student a much-needed self-confidence. Our focus is to groom a personality out of a student who can take on the life challenges as they come. When you choose Swarrnim, you choose the best B. Tech in Chemical Engineering.


12th Science with PCM with minimum 45% marks or equivalent


4 Years

How To Apply?

Admission Process is through ACPC Online / Offline Admission at Campus. You may also share your details with us by clicking Apply now button. Our team will get back to you with details.

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