Bathtubs are a very common luxury in bathrooms. Taking a hot bath in the bathtub makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. People all over the world install them in their bathrooms due to relaxation and other associated benefits. Due to high demands, they are now available in various designs and materials including traditional and modern designs. Traditional designs have an ancient and beautiful look. Nowadays traditional designs are available with modern touches and patterns.

Types of a bathtub: There are seven basic types of bathtubs available in the market.


Clawfoot Tubs

Pedestal tub

Drop-in tub

Whirlpool tub

Corner tub

Covered cubs

hot tub

Clawfoot tub


The name suggests that the tub has claws or ball-shaped legs. It is one of the oldest designs in its ancient form. The basic design consists of a rear and straight front. These tubs are normally made of porcelain on cast iron, steel, or acrylic. They do not require any specific carpentry work. It is a free tub with an open pipe. Wall-mounted or floor mounted taps may be used. It also has holes for overflow and drain. Some designs also have additional holes for taps.


Pedestal tub: It is a freestanding oval-shaped tub without legs. The material used to form the base of the tub differs from the outer surface but is treated and processed to coincide with the outer surface material. Some types do not have holes for taps. The water level will be deeper due to this tub. Some models also have hand showers for comfortable rinsing. Towel rails can also be installed on one or both ends of the tub. These tubs are available in porcelain, cast iron, and acrylic. It is necessary to check that the material used is rust free.


Drop-in tub: They are designed to overcome problems related to floor-mounted bathtubs such that there is always a risk of slipping when you are stepping high to come out of the tub. Drop-in bathtubs are mounted on the deck in separate frames. This type is expensive to install. The materials used to make the tubs are light-weight fiberglass, acrylic, and plastic. Some designs also have taps, but outside tap designs are also available. In this type of design, taps can be placed on walls. Generally, they are installed on the corner. They are perfect for sitting and soaking feet.


Round Whirlpool Bathtubs: These tubs provide comfortable hydro massage with controlled water circulation. They are also available in different installation designs such as drop-in or freestanding tubs. Installation requires special framing, water heaters, electrical circuits, and variable speeds of electronically controlled speed pumps. These tubs are available in various materials including cast iron, fiberglass, and acrylic. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs.


Corner tub: These tubs are usually triangular with one finished and two incomplete sides. They are designed to save space. They can be of any size but two sides are supported against the wall. They do not have integrated rainfall. Drains are present in the middle of one corner of the tub. These tubs are also available in acrylic, cast iron, porcelain, and fiberglass.


Recycled tub: These tubs are very popular due to their affordability and space efficiency. They have three side walls and only one side has a decorative finish. They are available in various shapes such as square, round, rectangular, diamond, and heart shapes. Materials used to make these tubs include cast iron, porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic. Some designs have integrated taps and some do not. A hand-held shower can be applied for comfortable rinsing.


Hot tub: These are huge tubs that include hydrotherapy to relax in the water heater. The tub has jets on both sides i.e. inside and outside. Electric or gas heaters are used to heat water. They also have pumps, pillows, and grab rails. They are available in two configurations: lounger and non-lounger. Electrical work should be done with a qualified electrician. Hot tubs are expensive bathroom fixtures compared to other types and require more maintenance. Cleaning and disinfection are very necessary to avoid microbial growth in the bathtub.