As medical facilities have been made readily available to the people, they try to resolve as many health issues as they can. The moment they find any of their body organs not working as it used to, they seek medical help and follow any recommended procedures. Because of the latest technologies, they can even recover quickly and return to their healthy lives, which motivate them more to cure their problems.

One of the most common health problems that people face nowadays is the hip problem. With age or due to some medical condition, people find their hip not moving smoothly like before. Most of the time, these problems are not cured with any medication, and people have to get a hip joint replacement. As hip plays a crucial role in the movement of the body, so it becomes necessary for them to get their hip fixed. What makes this surgery different from others is the fact that the patient does not recover quickly from the surgery. They need a lot of rest and quite some time to return to their normal lives.

Patients also have to take care of their health as a little mistake can make the whole surgery process fail. They can avoid going to most places as a precautionary measure. One spot that they cannot avoid is the bathroom. So it becomes necessary for them to take proper bathroom safety measures to get healthy soon. Some of the bathroom safety measures that patients can take after full hip surgery are:

Grab Bars

The most dangerous thing that can happen to a patient is a fall. If they fall on their hip, the whole process goes into vain, and they might get into a worse condition than before. And the bathroom has high chances of slipping because of the sitting and getting up movements. By installing grab bars into the entire bathroom, one can make sure that they get full support while changing positions. They can also use some non-slippery mats on the bathroom floor.

Keeping Everything In One Place

Whatever necessary things the patient requires in the bathroom should be kept in one place. This will reduce their movement and will keep them safe. These essential items can be a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hand wash, and towels.

Modifying Toilet Seat

It could be a hassle to sit on the toilet seat. Various measures can be taken to ensure the safety of the patient while using the toilet seat. These measures include raising the toilet seat and moving it near the bed. The latter is useful if the toilet is far away from the bed. By using a portable commode, the patient’s movement can be reduced.

One more thing that patients should take care of is their doctor’s instructions. Doctors recommend not bathing for a few days after the surgery. So, any action should be taken regarding that only.