Each tile pattern brings a different beauty to your home. From houses to villas, from hotels to shopping centers. There is no shortage of samples of beautiful, high-quality wall tiles selected by the Hai Linh showroom and displayed on the shelves in early 2020.

Wall Tiles

Advantages of coatings

The wall tiles have many sizes such as 30 × 60, 40 × 80, 20 × 60, 15 × 60 suitable for many different living spaces. tiles models are very diverse for customers to choose from.

Using high-quality coatings instead of home paint ensures much longer-lasting beauty. With a hot, humid, and rainy climate like in our country, the tiles will limit flaking and mold on the surface. Protects the cement layer inside.

Not only that, but the choice of wall tiles also makes the space in the house more luxurious, expressing the preferences and personality of the homeowner that wall paint cannot display. More specifically, feng shui wall tiles make clients believe that money and luck will always go hand in hand.

Finally, the use of these types of tiles will limit the dirt, if you lose the coffee cup on the tiles, just wipe it off. This is very difficult compared to painting the wall.

Beautiful wall tiles are available:

1) wood look like tiles

This tile sample belongs to the cedar wood collection inspired by the tree: it can be up to 40 m high and live for almost 3,000 years. The tiles simulate the growing flesh of a tree with 8 different patterns. Each pattern represents 1 cycle of growth to maturity. Associated with the meaning of the tiles, the beauty will always endure in time.

wooden floor tiles belongs to the line of homogeneous granite from bone to surface to help tiles to have high durability and exceptional hardness. The tiles withstand strong impacts, is resistant to water and scratches.

Wood look tiles

2) Ceramic Wall Tile

The ceramic tile is in the Wall Tiles. White surface combined with natural stone veins. Suitable for wall cladding in bathrooms or living rooms, where light is required over the years. The dimensions of the 30 × 60 cm tiles are easy to build, creating more depth for the living space.

The ceramic cladding model belongs to the line of high-quality granite tiles. With carefully refined materials including natural stone powder (accounting for 70%), clay (accounting for 30%), and some color additives. Then it is put into the mold and calcined at high temperature. For excellent quality granite tile according to European standards. The surface creates a flat surface that does not deform when exposed to strong light.

On the surface of the tiles, modern digital inkjet printing technology is applied, the stone patterns appear authentically, which helps the house shine when placed on the wall. The surface of the tile is glazed against scratches, moss, and dirt, making it easy to clean when needed.

Ceramic tiles

3) Gray Porcelain Tiles

This wall tile model has a light gray tone, measures 30 × 60 cm, an elegant color that stands out in the class of the room. Perfectly suited for clients who want to assert their home design preferences. The gray color of the coverings can be combined with furniture in bright tones such as ivory white, wood gold to create accents.

Also, the light recording range is widely used in classical European constructions, not yet obsolete over the years.

The raw materials of polished glazed porcelain tiles undergo many stages of screening to remove all impurities that are not beneficial to health. Each batch of tiles is shipped with European quality standards. The tiles are very waterproof, the low water absorption rate will limit sweat, the floor is always dry.

4) Vitrified tiles

The vitrified wall tile pattern provides sparkling beauty with crystal clear crystals. This is a special feature of this line of tiles, which makes the house always splendid, bright, and beautiful.

Compared to other tiles on the market, vitrified tiles are used with the most refined materials that are carefully tested according to European standards. The thick glazed surface protects the tiles from external impacts and prevents them from warping when light shines. More specifically, this tile pattern also gets a CE certificate for a friendly environment, no UV, no mercury.