It’s no surprise that beauty blender has taken the makeup game to a next level. From makeup aficionados and makeup lovers to ordinary people, various people have been using beauty blenders to achieve an aesthetically appealing makeup look. There’s a lot more to the beauty blenders than your eyes see.

How the beauty blender is used?

The beauty blender is an immensely versatile sponge that can be used for practically everything available in your makeup bag including foundation, bb cream, concealer, and name a few. But to get the most out of your beauty blender there is an immense need for you to follow the three steps.

Steps to follow while using a beauty blender:

Wet – Many people are astonished to find that a beauty blender is meant to be used in a wet state. Before every use, run it under the faucet to achieve the maximum level of saturation. The beauty blender should be of ideal size and dampness so that you can easily dip the sponge into the product. You can rest assured that you’re not wasting your exorbitant makeup products. You just have to bounce the sponge on your face and let it soak.

Squeeze – Once your beauty blender is completely saturated, then you need to squeeze out the sponge. The objective is to apply your makeup with a damp blender so you can easily wing out the excessive products.

Bounce – For the fun part, bounce any of your makeup products on the skin to achieve a flawless finish. It’s not recommended by the beauty blender manufacturers to drag the sponge all over your face. Bouncing creates a uniform and seamless coverage without causing any streaks and lines. It’s recommended to bounce the pointed tip on hard-to-reach areas like below the eyes, near the nose, etc, and the wider end on larger surfaces like cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Cleanliness of beauty blender is imperative:

Keeping your blender neat and tidy doesn’t only increase the lifespan of the tool, but also keep your skin clean and fresh. Just wet your blender with the cleanser and continue cleaning it.