Rolling a reefer or a joint is nothing short of an art form. Several factors can weigh in on the experience you have while smoking weed, marijuana, or cannabis. The users nowadays have options of choosing from a variety of cannabis strains, a multitude of rolling papers, and a vast array of accessories that make the process extremely creative. But as is common, with an increase in choices we observe greater confusion amongst the beginners as they have little knowledge of which variety might suit them better. Having some background information about the products and their types can be of great help. Therefore this article is dedicated to aiding their decision of choosing raw rolling paper, thick or thin rolling paper, or flavored rolling paper.

Familiarize yourself with different sizes

When it comes to selecting the right rolling paper, size always matters. There is no “one size fits all” in this scenario, it depends on the kind of joint you require when it comes to buying rolling papers in wholesale. Different people have different preferences like long joints, thicker joints, or regular-size joints. The standard includes five different sizes as most probable options; Single-wide, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, Double wide and King. to define in simple terms, Single wide is ideal for personal use and is comparatively difficult to roll for beginners due to their smaller size. 1 ¼”, 1 ½” are twenty-five nd fifty percent bigger than a single-wide respectively and are usually suitable if you have company. Double wide and King sized rolling papers are usually the largest, Double-wide denotes maximum width and King denotes the longest rolling paper sizes that you can avail. The bigger ones can be the best for practicing and help you gain technique. Once you master the skill you can move on to smaller papers.

Select the material that suits you

Yet another determining factor that needs to be considered while choosing the correct rolling paper is the material of the paper. They come in various materials like rice, hemp, wood pulp, and flax. The materials have a slightly different feel from one another and may take some trial sessions for beginners to understand the best one for their use. Mostly raw rolling papers become the preferred choice for the users. Beginners go for wood pulp or hemp rolling papers as they are thicker and burn easily. Rice papers are thinner and need acquired skills for rolling them appropriately. Flax is gradually gaining popular ground amongst the consumers as it makes for a sturdy and smooth-burning paper.

Look for flavored options

Beginners can use flavored raw rolling papers as it makes a tremendous difference in the after taste as well as works in enhancing the taste of weed as well. The rolling papers are inherently infused with flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, cotton candy, and several others. They are the best option for an additional kick of flavor after every puff.

Consider the weight of the product

Alike the width and length of the rolling paper, the thickness of the raw rolling paper must also be taken into consideration. The papers are categorized differently by companies and classified into fine/thin, medium weight, and standard weight or free burning. The thin and thick ones have their own pros and cons. While the thick ones are heavier are easier to roll and don’t go out easily but have an uneven burning rate. The thin paper decreases the paper taste in the smoke but can be tricky to use for beginners.

In conclusion, make an informed choice

In the initial phases of learning how to roll a joint do the research and try different products. You will eventually find the right combination of size, thickness, material, and flavors. The right raw rolling paper can be the key to having an overall pleasant experience so choose wisely.