As we know that everyone loves to listen to music and at times we need to download it as well. As we know that YouTube is the best source and most interesting source of entertainment mainly people love to watch videos of music songs and various other things on YouTube. But watching videos online at times and not work mainly when we are traveling or when there is no internet connectivity our entertainment is stopped.

So in order to continue watching your favorite videos then you need the best YouTube Video Downloader. So are you aware of best YouTube video downloader or converter to Mp3 or Mp4?

How to choose a good video downloader?

Whatever your primary reason for downloading, you need a good downloader. And If you enter “video downloader” into a search engine, you’ll surely get thousands of results. The truth is that the first 20-30 results are the most likely to provide the tool you need to do the job. And isn’t that what really matters?


The answer to that question may involve more than you know. On the one hand, if the video you wanted is downloaded and it’s playable on your PC, it would seem that your goal is met. On the other hand, what you may not realize that there’s more to a really good video downloader or youtube video to mp4 converter than just being able to grab video.


How Ytbto Best YouTube to Mp4 Converter?

As we know that in order to download videos or audios to share among our friends and families we need to have the best YouTube video to audio downloader so that you can save your favorite videos on your devices and then download it. Apart from YouTube videos, you can also download Facebook Videos to Mp4 for free using the Ytbto.

Features of Ytbto:

User- Friendly: The Ytbto is a completely user-friendly site as it helps you to easily access and download your favorite videos for free.

Virus Free Downloader: As we all are little conscious about our devices that whatever we download it does not consist of any malware or virus. So now you can easily download YouTube videos from Ytbto as it won’t hamper your devices.

Provides High Quality of videos: Ytbto is a video downloader that assures you that the quality of videos won’t hamper after downloading.

Fast Video Downloader: The Ytbto is best and fast youtube video to MP3 Mp4 downloader as it downloads your video files in just a few seconds

Different Languages Support: This downloader works in various different languages like English, Français, Español, Deutsch etc?.

Supports Wide Rage of Video Formats: Apart from Mp3 Mp4 video formats now you can download videos in various formats like WAV, AVI, FLV, etc


How to download YouTube Video Using Ytbto


Now in order to download your favorite YouTube Videos to Mp3 or Mp4 then now follow these easy simple steps and download or convert your video for free and very easily.

  • Open the YouTube website and select your favorite videos that you need to download it.
  • Now copy the select YouTube video and then visit
  • Then after opening Ytbto site copy the URL on the header box as placed on the website.
  • After pasting the URL click on the convert video button.
  • Then you will be shown all the videos formats. Then select your desired format and hit on Download Video button

The whole process is quick and easy. Any Video Converter’s interface may not be to everyone’s liking, but that’s really caring; this is a fantastic free YouTube downloader all other respects.

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