Higher education is the basic step towards success and progress in this advanced era. The basic education only sets the foundation, and higher education provides the opportunity of developing knowledge that will ensure the steady progress of an individual. Most of the students face difficulty in opting for the career path after basic education, which impacts their whole life.

On the contrary, some students have a clear goal in their minds but still need a bit of direction. A great majority of students opt for higher education at the international level. Pakistan is one of those countries where thousands of students pursue an education at an international level every year. Asian countries are among their top priorities, and Malaysia is one of them.

Still, the students are not well aware of the educational system and seek guidance in opting for the right course programs. They consult the services of education consultants in Pakistan and ensure to select the right course program, along with the best institute, by relying on the experts. They also get guidance in the admission procedure to ensure a hassle-free endeavor.

This article will provide a guide of bachelor study programs in Malaysia during the 2020 term for international students.

Top 5 Bachelors Programs in Malaysia for Foreign Students

A bachelor’s level is the most crucial part of the education of an individual. This is the level of education, where students learn professional skills and abilities. These abilities help them secure the best jobs or set up their initiatives and establish a progressive career. Therefore, making the right choice before finalizing the bachelor program is most important.

The following are some of the most important and emerging bachelor programs in Malaysia for foreign students.

1. Business Information Systems

Business information systems are the most important study program in Malaysia for business-minded students. Running or managing the business is not simpler like it was in the nineteenth century. Businesses have become global, and the global economy significantly impacts them.

The course program focuses on the use of IT infrastructure in business enterprises to get advanced knowledge and information to make the right decisions. It will help them ensure the success of the global or multinational business.

2. Financial Engineering

Computer and engineering are the subjects which are impacting every field of life, in a positive manner. Finance is also no exception. So, finance engineering is a relatively new study program offered by a number of Malaysian universities to international students.

The study program focuses on utilizing computer programs to solve problems and analyze data from the fields of math, statistics, economics, and finance. It will help the finance professionals to make the right decisions, keeping in viewing the market and business conditions.

3. Robotics & Automation Engineering

Robotics has been a part of human society for the past few decades. However, due to the inclusion of new technological innovations, it is becoming advanced with every passing day. So, robotics and automation engineering is among the most important engineering programs Malaysia is offering to international students.

The study program will not only enable the students to create robots using the latest technology but also ensure their intelligence by utilizing machine learning.

4. Advertising & Brand Management

Advertising in this busy society has become quite tactical. Brand management is also becoming hectic due to the introduction of new brands on a routine basis. So, the brands’ owners contact the professionals to introduce their service in the market and ensure its popularity.

Advertising and brand management is the course program that will help the students learn marketing tactics and the consumer psyche in order to promote the brands to the target audience.

5. Computer Games Development

Gaming has emerged as a billion-dollar industry in recent times at the international level. It was only considered a leisure activity in the past. However, it has now become a dominating industry. Therefore, a number of Malaysian universities are offering bachelor programs in computer games development.

The course program will enable the students interested in gaming to learn the basics of computer programming, basic elements of gaming, as well as their development.

Want to secure your admission?

You can easily secure your admission to the higher education institutes of Malaysia by shortlisting the available choices. You will need to check if the institute you have opted is offering your desired program or not. After that, you will have to follow the application requirements and follow the procedure.

If you are unable to find the right institute on your own, you can seek the service of experts. You can consult education consultants in Islamabad and get detailed knowledge about the Malaysian universities offering admission to international students. You can also ensure to opt for the right course programs, which will increase your acceptance rate by relying on the experts.

Do not waste your time in making your mind and seek the help of experts to ensure your admission to the international institutes.