With businesses aiming to target a vast audience for their services and products, email marketing software is here to make the difference in getting potential leads.

Basic Understanding of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a message through emails. A report reveals that almost 293.6 billion emails are created and sent daily. Email Marketing Software is a crucial tool that is in use by small businesses to gain, engage, and maintain their customers. Emarsys 2018 survey reveals that 81% of small and medium companies use email as the main channel for obtaining customers. Furthermore, the method of using email for improving relationships with the customers and expanding the company’s products and services is also Email Marketing. 

This also involves the promotion of brands, delivering ads, donation requests, offering services, and many more. Around 80% of marketers declare that email is the best platform for customer acquiring. There are 4 famous types of email marketing campaigns. They are Promotional Emails, Acquisition Emails, Email Newsletters, and Retention Emails. Using Email Campaign Software is a beneficial tool for small business firms. 

 Statistics on Email Marketing 

  • Email marketing gives $44 ROI for every single $1 that is spent. 20.81% is the average email open rate for all the companies.
  • The average CTR rate for transactional emails is 4.8% and 2.43% is the average CTR for all types of sectors. 
  • According to research, worldwide email users are expected to be around 4.3 billion people by 2023. 
  • 60% of customers use email as the most preferred platform for promotions. 
  • Among the U.S. clients, 59.7% is the average email read rate, and 21.7% is the skimmed rate.
  • In 2018, the Convince & Convert survey reports that 35% of professionals and experts use a mobile device to check their emails. 
  • Martech Advisor’s 2017 data reports that click rate increases by 300% in the emails that have videos along with the text.  


Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses 

Email marketing software provides a full package to send personalized emails in bulk. Because it is a way to establish, give full control, and helps in maintaining steady relations with the customers. Some of the decent software providers are given below. They are:  

1. PeppyBiz


This is affordable and friendly software and operates since 2019. It is one of the best email marketing software available in the market. 

PeppyBiz offers active CRM and email marketing automation tools. Some of the features are time tracking, Gantt projects, reminders, mergers, quicker chats, and many more. Their software is good for various types of industries such as Marketing, Sales, Healthcare, IT, and a few more. PeppyBiz’s software is in use by 12,000+ companies across the world. Many famous companies and popular brands trust and use this software. 

2. OptionMonster 


A study by Optinmonster reveals that 23% is the average email open rate and 3.71% is its CTR. It is open-source software. This software is in use by websites of around 1 million. They offer features like location targeting, wheel options, lightbox popup, exit technology, and many more. As per the survey, OptinMonster is ranked as the number one email marketing software. Other functions are marketing service and seamless integration. 

3. Constant Contact 

constant contact

They offer one of the best email marketing tools that boost performance. Constant Contact is mostly good for fresh bloggers and small and tiny companies. The best feature of this software is it divides the customers into specific groups such as active, non-active, and a few more. Some of the functions are simple reporting and tracking tools, in-built sharing tools, free image library, and third-party integrations. Constant Contact offers its software for free for a period of 60-days.

4. Sendinblue


This is almost the best SMS and email marketing software that is available as of present. Some of the features are sending bulk emails, SMS messages, automation tools, SMTP, and many more. It also offers a very flexible and easy to use drag and drop option for emails. Sendinblue software has a free plan and the best aspect is there is no minimum or maximum limit of users. 

5. EngageBay


This is an all-in-one sales, support, and CRM email marketing software. EnagageBay is best for small and medium companies that are looking for affordable software. It allows you to choose templates from a wide variety of ready-made templates and has a drag and drop option. They help in tracking emails, campaign optimizing, result analyzing, and many more. EngageBay offers both a free trial and a free app version. 


Email marketing software gives numerous advantages to every type of corporation but it holds a potential role in the growth of small businesses and fresh companies. It helps in increasing conversion and engagement rates in a company. Personalization Emails give 50% open rates compared to normal emails. This makes email marketing unique in the personalization of emails. So, choose the best and affordable email campaign software and marketing software to increase your small business growth.