Today most of the people use iPhones as iDevices are the most popular mobile device. Another reason for using the iPhone is a powerful OS. iOS devices have secure interfaces that can easily deal with various threats. But the threats are getting more dangerous. Hackers are continuously designing malicious programs that can harm your devices. So, if you are an iPhone user and want to keep your device and data secure from the threats; you should consider using the security measures.

Use strong passwords

Passwords are necessary for every device. If you have an iPhone then you should use a strong password instead of using 0000, 1111 kind of passwords. Always create an alphanumeric password which is a good length. Your password should be at least 12 digits long. Never use your phone number or date of birth as your password. Even the person next door can guess this type of password. Use a password that is not guessed by the people. For extra protection; you can use the “erase data”. If someone tries to open your iPhone and enter the wrong password 10 times; all the data available on your device will get erased. 

Install security software

People often believe that the iPhone doesn’t need antivirus. Well, we can’t deny that the iPhone has the most powerful interface but hackers are getting more and more dangerous. Indeed you have a powerful device but your network can get you into trouble. If you are accessing an unsecured network then hackers can easily enter your device. Installing security software will not only protect the device from virus infection but can also help to deal with cybercriminals. McAfee Activate will help to increase your device security. Antivirus offers you various tools that can secure your data, device, and network.

Disable your Siri on a lock screen

Indeed Siri is an excellent feature of your phone. It assists you nicely. But sometimes your Siri may share the information which you may want to keep confidential. Open your iPhone and go to the setting. Enter your credentials and go to Allow access when Locked option. Click on Siri’s option. Tap the Off button. Again go to settings and navigate to General option. Choose Siri and Off the Hey Siri option. 

Disallow automatic Wi-Fi connections to the network

Entering passwords every time is bothersome. People prefer saving the network so they don’t have to enter the password every time. Well using this option for your home network is okay but never save public connections such as nearby park, library, or coffee shop. When your Wi-Fi is open and a nearby hotspot is available then your device gets connected to an unknown network. Hackers usually create fake hotspots to hack people’s devices. So if you don’t want to get hacked; disable your automatic connect option. 

 You must use the two-step verification for your iCloud and Apple ID so nobody can get it. Using VPN is also a good security measure against cyber threats as it will mask your IP address so the hacker can’t find your actual location.