Due to the current special situation, more and more people are spending their time at home, and Internet traffic based on video games has skyrocketed. If you want to re-enter the gaming world with a new game console to complement home entertainment and streaming, several add-ons can make your experience better. I have loved playing games since I was a child, and my professional career is also related to games. And in most of my 10 years of career, I have been reviewing gaming peripherals. To help you get a higher gaming experience, we have compiled some of the best gaming accessories for reference for different game consoles and different prices.

The gaming mouse is the best PC gaming tool. PC gamers have long believed that the keyboard and mouse are more accurate video game control systems than any game pad, and both are no longer limited to PCs. Both Xbox One and PS4 support keyboard and mouse integration for certain games, and there are many excellent wireless mouse models to choose from. For example MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse.

The external hard drive can help you save more games. If you download too many games and the space on the console hard drive is used up, it may be time to upgrade. Technically, you can buy a brand new drive and replace it with a screwdriver, but it is even easier to grab a USB 3.0 drive (such as a 1TB My Passport model) from Western Digital and plug it in. The least trouble. If you have more money to spend, the 1TB My PassPort Go SSD will be faster, which means shorter loading times.

An excellent esports gaming keyboard is really important. It’s no secret that PC gaming has become a mainstream platform for a lot of gamers. The advantage that PCs have over other platforms is the ability to customize that allows gamers to tweak and upgrade components of their PCs for optimized game-play. For PC gamers, having the right equipment is essential and the best gaming keyboards give gamers an edge when competing with friends or against online opponents. Unlike conventional mechanical keyboards, the best gaming keyboards are more responsive and accurate, making them the best choice for fast-paced gaming action. Here’s a list of the best gaming keyboards to set you on the path of victory.If you are looking for a keyboard that provides an excellent gaming experience, you can go to bzfuture.com and choose some cost-effective keyboards. There are many keyboards with membranes, which means it uses a rubber dome under the keycap, which makes the keys softer and quieter. However, the rubber domes will not be converted into sponge buttons because they still provide pleasing resistance during the game. The keycaps of the selected keyboard must have sufficient spacing to allow you to type more naturally. There is a set of dedicated media keys above the Numpad, including volume control. Below the keycap are three illuminated areas (RGB) that provide surprisingly diffused light, filling the entire panel with light. There are six keys on the left side of the keyboard for assigning and executing macros.

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In terms of software, such as the Corsair K55 RGB uses the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. With the help of a drop-down menu, setting up lighting is very easy. Recording macros can be done internally in the software, including the option to add some key delays. These keys provide a satisfactory rebound effect, so you don’t have to feel like you are groping during the game. There is also a metal support under the longer keycap to increase stability. There is a tilt setting that allows the keyboard to have a good ergonomic design, which makes the game more comfortable. The detachable wrist rest can extend the game time and 5.9 feet, providing you with maximum comfort. The long cable gives you plenty of space to easily connect to your computer.

In addition, excellent gaming headsets can make your games unique. If you want to shake your skull every time you explode without annoying your neighbors or anyone trapped in your home, then an excellent gaming headset is essential. There are many good options, but the wireless HyperX Cloud Flight S strikes a delicate balance between sound quality, functionality, and price, and it is so comfortable that you hardly notice its existence. However, it is only compatible with PS4 and PC, so if you are an Xbox player, you need the Xbox version of the previous generation of CloudX Flight.

Stereo surround sound is also an essential gaming experience in games. The real surround sound in the game space is full of games, which is really great. Although most gaming headsets have “7.1 surround sound”, this is just a virtual processing mode that adds a sense of spaciousness to the sound. I rarely find that its sound is better than traditional stereo, so I turned it off, but true surround sound may be useful for games. However, if you want to experience it, you need 5.1 speakers or a soundbar with a rear satellite. We have previously published a soundbar shopping guide, but if you want a product that sounds affordable, you can click the article link to view the details.

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