When you want to crack the country’s most prestigious engineering education institution – the IIT, a smartly drawn out preparation strategy along with the best IIT coaching can help you progress towards your objective, and it is advised that you start working to crack the IIT- JEE Entrance Exam right after Class X along with your class XI and XII studies.

Students who start late miss out on most important preparation time which mostly includes the basics of the subjects and when the basics are strong everything else gets easier. Due to the shortage of time, they try to make it up by going on an overdrive. At least 6- 8 hours of hard work must be a part of your daily routine if you are one of the late starters. Thus, to reduce this preparation load it is suggested to start early.

For starters, it is important to understand the examination pattern from the papers of last few years. As there are subject-wise cut-offs, you should first understand the weight-age of the questions asked from each subject and topics from previous years’ exam papers. The next important step is to enroll in a comprehensive study program at the IIT coaching center to help you identify your strong and weak points and focus on them. A better option here is to join a junior college which offers the Best IIT Coaching along with a huge library where you can also get access to extensive research based study material.

Sri Prakash Junior College is the Best Junior College with IIT coaching in Andhra Pradesh. Lecturers here, make sure you achieve maximum speed and accuracy, by making you practice questions and giving various assignments on each topic. They help you plan a daily routine and help you follow it on a regular basis. A lot of numerical ability and reasoning ability questions are asked to achieve maximum clarity in problem solving and understand them better.

The Common Practice Test (CPT), a weekly exercise conducted by college, helps students assess their potentials by competing themselves against other IIT-JEE aspirants. The college maintains a workbook to monitor the performance of each student in these tests. This analysis shows each student’s weaknesses and strengths which help them get better as the examination date draws nearer.

Without the proper guidance, students would be in confusion about the things that are to be covered and that will put them in a big dilemma. A final touch up by the college lecturers is given to students to make sure that they haven’t missed out on the more important things. Apart from the coaching provided by college, students also need to do self-study. If they are not studying on their own to some extent, they cannot just follow the supplied preparations, the study could be as simple as revising the topic taught on that day. It is obvious that to hone one’s skills, coaching is very necessary, but preparing on their own, makes the students remember the highlights that are necessary for writing the exams.

Having a residential campus along with lot of other sports, games and other activities, that helps students distress after a long day of learning and gears them for the next day learning. Hence, for this reason Sri Prakash Educational Institutes have been honored for having a reputation of providing the Best All-round education in Andhra Pradesh.