If you are planning to pursue a post-graduate degree in management then this blog will surely help you. Choosing the right MBA programme can be a mighty tough proposition. We understand that aspirants might have a whole lot of questions like which university or college would be the best? From where I can get placements? Which course is the best for me? With so many concerns, we are sure that this blog would guide you to choose the best MBA Programs in 2020-21. It is important to note that management studies are high in demand and so is the supply. Unfortunately despite this fact industry complains that they do not get the right skill sets in a candidate to meet their requirements. To overcome this, Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University has designed the industry-oriented curriculum for its MBA programme. The innovations we brought into the MBA courses are a class apart. It is revealed in studies that more than 60% of the MBA graduates choose either marketing or finance as their preferred specialization. These are the two oldest specializations of MBA. No doubt, the demand in these two is high but new streams like digital marketing, online retailing, and supply chain etc, are also in demand.

Considering these facts we have designed numerous specializations with the experts from industry only.  This is the reason why all the students of MBA got placed in reputed companies.

MBA With Add-On Degree

Not only the specialisations but Swarrnim University also offers add-on degrees with its MBA programme. Today is the world of innovation and startups. It is expected that the future lies in the hands of innovators and startups are the key to expand the reach of these innovations and their benefits. To capitalize on the same, we are offering an MBA with Add-on degree on Startup and entrepreneurship. This is helpful to those who aim to start their businesses after completion of studies. Moreover, such add-on also eliminates the doubt in the mind of students whether they should drop-out from their studies or complete it first and then start the business. Hence, the MBA programme at Swarrnim University takes care of the unique aspirations of the young minds of India.

Moreover, the university has signed numerous national and international tie-ups with industry and foreign universities. This brings a healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas in the university premises. The dedicated incubation center at the university provides wings to fly for all the ideas of students. It provides infrastructure support, funding, and mentorship to worthy startups.

In the nutshell, it is safe to say that Swarrnim is offering the Best MBA Programs in 2020-21 with its state of the art infrastructure and innovative approach. The MBA programme is keeping pace with the ongoing trends and make the students ready to meet future challenges. The MBA with Add-on degree increase the confidence and provide the required boost to the dreams of a student. So if you are looking for pursuing MBA, visit the campus, compare the programme structure with other colleges and take the right decision.