MLM software means multi-level marketing. MLM software is a programme in which some direct sales companies encourage their existing distributors to engage new distributors who are paid a specific amount of their recruited sales. The new distributors work under the old distributors. The distributors also make money through the sales of products to customers.

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Types of MLM?

There are 3 different types of MLM business models everyone should know. 


  • Binary MLM business models: 


It’s an organizational structure that is followed in multi-level. New members of this plan are introduced in a tree-like structure in which every new member has a right and left subtree. Each subtree of a binary plan consists of two legs, outside leg and inside leg. The outside leg is also known as power led and the inside leg is also known as profit leg. 

The new distributors are always placed under the power leg under their recruiter. The binary plan also is known to add more sales to the downward members who get benefits in increasing bonus and gets more profits.

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  • Single leg MLM business plan:


The other name of the single leg business plan is the monoline MLM plan. In this plan, each member has only one leg, it’s a straight line MLM plan. It’s also known as linear MLM plan. In the network marketing industry, it’s one of the most attractive MLM compensation plans. It’s the simplest business model and anyone can understand it very easily.

The most interesting thing about a single leg business plan is that members only have to work in one leg. Whenever new members join the chain, the old members automatically go down. In this plan, you receive monthly revenue which overrides everyone below you. In multi-level marketing, a single leg plan is a very popular business plan.

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  • Matrix MLM business model: 


The matrix plan MLM software is like a pyramid where all the members are organized into a fixed number of width and depth. In the matrix MLM plan, the width is limited and it is a great motivation for the more members to be hired in the downline. 

It’s divided into different levels so that a member can motivate his/her down line members to earn more profit. 

In this type of scheme, you can move upward if some new members join or you refer to a certain number of people to join your scheme.

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Is MLM Good or Bad?

MLM (Network marketing) can be a good career for a few people. But for many, it may be a waste of time. Like any other business, an MLM venture also requires a noteworthy investment of time and efforts. If it’s done correctly, it’s an amazing way to build wealth. But if you are thinking that you will make a quick money out of it, then it’s not for you. 

Is network marketing a good career?

It can be a great career for you, keeping in mind a few factors. They are: 

  1. The effort you make 

Many people think that they will make a bunch of money within a little time. But when they don’t earn as per their expectations either they quit or become inactive. MLM is just like entrepreneurship,  you have to work hard for a few years to see the results. 


  • Finding the right company


There are many MLM idiots, who jump from one company to another every time they see a bright new business opportunity arise. People should find the right MLM company and stick to it. As part of your due attention, you should consider: 

  • Whether the company’s product is good or not
  • The quality of the company marketing
  • Any hidden cost
  • Plans of the company


MLM can be a great career to pursue. You can earn a great income if you build a team of hard-working people. But MLM has risks. If you think that you will make easy money out of it then you are in the wrong place. If you make a knowledgeable decision and work hard towards it, then you can make a great career in it. If you can’t commit towards it fully then look somewhere else for opportunities.