Iceland is a country that receives tons of tourists round the year due to its incredible beauty and plethora of natural attractions including hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, lava fields, beaches, glaciers and much more. Among these several hidden gems of Iceland, the country is also popular for its beautiful ice caves. From quite some years, ice cave private tours in Iceland is gaining a lot of popularity due to its amazing beauty, uniqueness and the insane fun it offers. We ensure to include ice cave tour in your trip to offer you the best private tours in Iceland.

If you are planning to go on an Iceland private day tours, then there are few important things that you should know about the Ice caves in Iceland. These include:

Ice cave tours are highly dependent on weather condition: As the weather condition of Iceland is very unpredictable, it highly affects the overall tourism to its several attractions. The climate of Iceland can go from warm to windy at any time. Some of the places in Iceland are only accessible during the winters mainly between November to the mid-March. As the ice caves are formed on the glaciers, they can only be accessed when it is cold enough.

They are not the same what it looks in the picture: It is well-known that some things look good only in pictures, in reality, it is not the same what the picture shows us. Similarly, the beautiful pictures of ice caves that you see on the Internet and drool over its beauty give the false idea of the ice caves. In reality, the ice caves of Iceland are not as huge and pearly blue as it looks in the pictures. The photographers strive to bring out the best version of the place. So, we can say that the pictures of ice caves are deceiving.

Its ever-changing: One of the most important things you need to know about the ice caves in Iceland is that it is ever-changing. The picture of breathtaking Iceland that you saw somewhere 3-4 years ago might not exist now. The ice caves move, change and break when the climate changes or when the glacier is filled up with water. These changes in the glacier are natural, which you should know before visiting one.

A guide to Ice cave private tours in Iceland

If you plan a trip to Iceland, visiting the ice caves would be a breathtaking experience and turn your trip into the best private tours in Iceland. There are several Ice cave tours to choose from for your next Iceland private day tours. These include:

The blue diamond ice cave tour: The blue diamond ice cave tour is one of the most popular and most recommended tours in Iceland. For this ice cave tour, you will need to leave from the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and enjoy a drive on the glacier in a special vehicle. After the drive, it takes a short walk to reach the ice cave.

Ice cave tours from Vik: The ice cave tour from Vik is popular for having several names including the secret ice cave, Katla ice cave or ice cave under the volcano. What makes this ice cave unique is that it is easily accessible from Reykjavik. Moreover, you can also self-drive from the capital to reach this place.

Glacier hike and ice cave tours from Skaftafell: The added benefit of taking ice cave tour from the Skaftafell is that you will get an opportunity to enjoy ice cave tour along with a glacier hike which is an incredible experience in itself.