Buying best salted sheep casings is a challenge in itself, say yes if I am right! I know, people always need help in this regard, even we all know how stuck feeling comes when we have to choose one among variety of different products, since I experience it myself while collecting information on some very top salted sheep casings which are high in demand this year.

Tons of questions starts wobbling in mind when it comes to look for that one salted sheep casing that is required for perfect cooking every time. First, I will tell you what basic things you must consider while choosing best salted casing, then I’ll take you through some best salted casing that are easily available in good supermarkets, and quite demanding in 2020

  • Why salted natural sheep casing is beneficial to buy?
  • Is it worth money investing?
  • Are there any recommendable salted natural sheep casings available in market currently? Yes, that’s what we’re going to share below;

Top Salted Natural Sheep Casings

1.    The Sausage Maker – Natural Sheep Sausage Casings, 24-26mm

This edible sausage casing is widely used for making hot dogs and wieners. It comes paced in purified salt for an indefinite shelf life. The casing size is approximately 100 yards long. It has a long shelf life that can be stored properly under refrigeration

Stuffing capacity is around 45 lbs.

2.    The Sausage Maker- Natural Hog Sausage Casings, 38-42mm

This natural hog sausage casing is used for making summer and polished sausage, dry cured pepperoni, ring bologna, and liverwurst. It comes packed in purified salt and has an indefinite shelf life when stored in the refrigerator

The stuffing capacity per hank is approximately 95 lbs. Casing diameter is 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ when stuffed

3.    Common Hog Casings for Sausage by Oversea Casing

This is all natural. The quality Hog salted casings are made in North America.  The stuffing capacity is around 20-25lbs of Sausage

4.    Vacuum Sealed Bag- Sheep Casings for 15 LBS

This salted natural sheep casing can make a distinctive “pop” when you bite into sausage. It is used for making breakfast sausage links, and snack sticks. It is easy to make, you just need to soak it in warm water for 1 hour, keep changing.

While for cooking, it just needs to get broil, boil, grill, or fry.  An approximate stuffed weight is around 15 pounds

 5.    Pre-Tubed Sheep Casings

The pre-tube salted sheep casing is also used for making breakfast sausage links, snack sticks, and to name a few. It also has same cooking procedure as previous one from soaking in water, to changing water, broil, boil, and grill

The casing size is 19mm – 21mm (approx. 3/4 inch) and stuffing capacity is 20-25 pounds

6.    Vacuum Sealed Bag – Hog Casings for 25 lbs

This salted natural sheep casing is edible, and makes a distinctive “pop” when you bite into sausage. This sausage casing is used for making brats, or franks. The cooking procedure is same as above.

The stuffing weight is  around 20 – 25 pounds.