Black Diamonds are a good topic for conversation, and few believe that black diamonds are a myth. But this is not the perfect information; black diamonds are never a myth.Though black diamond is really an attractive option to choose for the engagement ring but still earlier people feel taboo to use it. But time has changed a lot and now people feel more confident to use this stone even for auspicious occasions like engagement and marriage as well. If you are looking to find the answer why you should use it instead of conventional options like diamonds, topaz, ruby, etc., then you should learn more about it and reasons for its surging popularity.

What are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are a combination of various diamonds, minerals, graphite, and carbon. Black diamond is also known as Carbonado diamonds, and black diamonds are only sources in Brazil and Central Africa. People say that black diamond is not easy to find, But this is a misconception black diamond is more available than a pink and yellow diamond. Natural black diamonds are rarely seen, and natural diamonds tend to be more expensive than the human-made ones.

Which type of black diamond is more costly?

The diamonds are given heat pressure to form black diamonds. The price of the human-made black diamond may range $300 per carat.Natural diamond:– In here, the diamonds occur naturally. They are very rare. The price of the natural diamond may range upto $3000 to $5000 per carat.

What more you should know?

The term by carbonado is state by the Portuguese explorer, which stated that black diamonds resemble black charcoal and looks like burnt charcoal. Diamonds are generally from kimberlite deposits, and black diamonds are sources from alluvial deposits. Black diamonds belong to the beryl family. Black diamond is also known as carbonates.Black diamonds score 7.5 in the MohsScale, and this states that it is a hard stone and can be used in various other concepts as well. Black diamonds are also used in machinery as for the factors of hard nature. Black diamonds have a polycrystalline structure, thus making it harder.

In modern days, couples go for various types of colored stones rather than the traditional ones. The black diamond is the best alternative for diamonds. The shade of the black diamond gives a classy look and is the eye-catcher of the show. Every shade of diamond resembles love and loyalty. So it becomes their personal choice if they want a black diamond as their wedding ring or not.

Why to Choose Black Diamond Rings?

There are many rings in the market that is the best alternative of a diamond. Diamonds are one of the expensive stones in the world, and few people might only dream about a diamond.But now they can have variations of alternatives of diamonds. If you have a budgetary problem, you can go for aquamarine, morganite, or black diamond.

While purchasing the black diamond, you will have to be very careful because, at times, you might not understand which is the natural one. The scratches in the black diamond are not very easily seen, and you will have to find the scratches in particular. You need to take good care of the stone because as it is soft than diamonds, it might get scratched quickly.

Black diamond: from where it came

From 20th-century jewelry designers started showcasing the black diamonds. From then on, people got to know what black diamonds exactly are, and the craze for black diamonds began. Thus black diamonds took popularity from then.

The breakthrough of black diamonds occurred when Mr. Big gave the celebrity Carrie a fantastic look with black diamonds in the sex in the city. The movie has a 5-carat black diamond engagement ring. The celebrities advertised the black diamond to the public and made it a   big success. After the film, the black diamonds started getting more responses in the jewelry boxes in the US.

Different Other Types of Black Diamonds

  • Natural Black:– The traditional diamonds are a single stone, black diamonds are formed by amalgamating many small diamonds, and the color created in grey. The natural diamonds are a natural diamond with a considerable amount of impurities. The natural diamonds have a grey, sparkling look.
  • Treated Diamond: – Treated black diamonds are found in cheap rates. These treated black diamonds are used generally in industries. The treated black diamonds are not fit for jewelry concepts.
  • Lab-grown diamond: – The lab-grown black diamonds are one of the expensive black diamonds. They are known synthetic diamonds. These diamonds have a huge difference with that of the natural ones. These diamonds are made by the unique process, thus creating a replica of black diamonds.

Varieties of Black Diamonds

Black diamond has given a variety of choices to the people of the world. Colorless diamonds are high in price, and people may not have that amount of money to invest. But then they have the desire to wear something extraordinary. It is your personal choice to go for black diamonds or aquamarine or morganite or diamonds. Before purchasing, you should have a basic idea regarding black stones, and you might not get the actual one. The shopkeepers might give you a manipulated stone, and you will not be able to understand. The scratches in the black stone are not visible in the open eye. The scratches are like fine lines.

The metal should be selected with high concentration because the look of the black diamond is ultimately dependent upon the metal you take.The black diamond looks best with yellow gold or white gold and these light-colored metals will give the best charm to the black stone. It is not easy to cut or resize the black stone because of its hardness.


You can surely go for the black diamond for your marriage if you do not have any thinking regarding the curse or any other negative impact. This will set a different type of jewelry in the eye of many. You will get a lot of appreciation from your good wishers, family friends, and your partner.