The lift of the ban on cryptocurrency is good news overall to the Blockchain Industry in India. But it is especially good for YOU, the techies looking to take a leap into this disruptive technology. Blockchain training courses are bombarding the tech learning market to cater to the ever-growing demand for Blockchain Talent.

Now, that the major hurdles for many blockchain-based startups have been crossed over, all these startups with excellent ( if we might say so) funding will be revving up their blockchain projects.

Invariably, they will need a lot of people working on these projects. People, resources – like you – with considerable program coding experience enhanced with the blockchain coding skills, obtained through concurrent Blockchain learning courses, will be sought after.


Why should you take Blockchain training courses?

There are many factors that make it advantageous for you to take up these courses. Some of them are;

  1. #1 emerging job in India as per the LinkedIn emerging jobs in 2020 in India report.
  2. Good paying with high job prospects – Being the in-demand job – Blockchain-based resources earn above-market remunerations.
  3. Increased demand for Blockchain professionals – the demand for blockchain skilled talent is increasing by 40% every quarter.
  4. Disruptive technology since the internet
  5. Blockchain is a huge boon to data security and Digital identity- Blockchain implementation will enhance the trust in technology for handling sensitive data.
  6. Ease of integration with other emerging technologies – AI, IoT are facing challenges in the way the data – biometrics, private and personal data is being handled by the devices, which is hindering widespread adoption of the technology
  7. The public sector is the highest consumer of Indian Blockchain projects
  8. The BFSI – Banking & Finance sector in India amounts to almost 60% of all the blockchain-related projects
  9. Business use-cases are aplenty. Almost all verticals are benefitted with blockchain implementation.


All of these are clear indicators of the Blockchain technology being the most transforming and is considered a major inflection point of an era for the tech industry.

Now, Wouldn’t you be interested to take up Blockchain learning courses, to tap into this nascent yet exciting technology? I know I would!

How to choose the best Blockchain Learning courses for You?

Here’s the conundrum in following the blockchain path –  How will you know which is the best blockchain training courseShould you consider Blockchain training online programs or instructor-led offline programs? And so this guide!

A checklist for choosing the best blockchain training course:

  • Is the institute, an academic one or blockchain industry’s educational arm?
  • Will the instructors or faculty be academic professors or actual blockchain experts with industry-based expertise?
  • Will I get to learn all the blockchain protocols? Or Will it be segmented, Should I research the many different protocols?
  • What kind of certificate will I receive?
  • Will that help in landing a blockchain-based job?
  • Will I get the right exposure?
  • Will the blockchain learning course provide real-time live projects, for hands-on experience?
  • Will there be out of class exposure that would help me with networking?

Armed with this checklist, if you begin your research into the best Blockchain learning course, You’ll be left with many academic institutes on one hand and Industry based blockchain courses on the other.

EMURGO India’s WorkPro –  Most Comprehensive Blockchain learning course!

EMURGO India is a Global Blockchain Learning Solutions entity of EMURGO Global established in Jan 2019 to focus on incubation, training and evangelizing Blockchain to foster deep fundamental understanding of blockchain technology, and thus establish an education program to drive practical usage of blockchain technology around the globe. 

EMURGO India’s vision aligns with the investing and commercial arm of Cardano- 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology – EMURGO Global. To drive the adoption and grow its ecosystem globally; by building, investing, and advising projects and organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem


  1. The only Blockchain Academy that offers training in the 3rd Generation of Blockchain. 


  1. Involved in the complete blockchain ecosystem – fostering talent, building blockchain strategic partnerships, advisory roles to governments, the latest and the best in blockchain technology, deep blockchain expertise to drive and accelerate its adoption. 


  1. The ‘Only’ Blockchain Academy where practitioners are the trainers. 


  1. Blockchain curriculum designed by Global Industry Experts tailor-made to suit the industry requirements. 


  1. Executive Committee member of the influential Chamber of Digital Commerce fostering Blockchain innovation. The Chamber serves as a trusted resource to regulators & policymakers internationally in an effort to shape pro-growth blockchain-related policies.


  1. A New York City-based ‘dLab/EMURGO’ Blockchain accelerator opportunity to help with funding for learners with entrepreneurial minds. Four Startups Accepted Into First Inaugural Batch.


  1. Presence in 4 cities in India – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai. Globally in Japan, New York, Singapore, Indonesia and India. 


They offer WorkPro – a weekend comprehensive blockchain certification program that offers the following for you!

  1. Blended Learning Approach 
  2. Hands-on Training with Faculty within the classroom
  3. Work on Real-time/Live Industry projects
  4. Full Stack Developer Program with Cardano
  5. Learn from the Practitioners 
  6. CXOs and Thought Leader as mentors
  7. Internationally Recognised Blockchain Certificate Program
  8. Weekend Only Comprehensive Learning Program 
  9. Exclusively for Working Professionals 
  10. Accelerator Opportunity 
  11. Global experts  designed curriculum
  12. Exposure to International Blockchain Forums
  13. Global Employer Access