There was a time when Bollywood films were made for very little money, but now the time has changed. Today, about 50 to 60% of the film’s budget is hero heroine fees. Hence, today’s films have more than one producer. Films are made on inexpensive budgets and earn a significant amount as soon as they are released.

You will also go to watch the movies of your favorite hero heroine, in such a situation, there must be a thought in your mind that after all how much will they charge for a film. So today we will tell you about 5 Bollywood heroines who charge the highest fees for a film. Some of their movies got leaked by Afdah movies.

Bollywood’s 5 heroes who charge the most

1 . This time Salman Khan charges the highest fees for doing a film in Bollywood. Salman charges up to 60 crores for a film. Apart from this, it costs Rs 12 crore to host an episode of Bigg Boss. At the same time, they charge 7 crores for an ad.

2 . The highest-paid star for a film after Salman Khan is Aamir Khan. It charges 50-55 crores to do a film and Aamir Khan takes 4 crores for the ad.

3 . It is followed by Shah Rukh Khan at the third-highest fee, who charges Rs 40–45 crore for doing a film. At the same time, Shahrukh takes 3-3.5 crores for an ad.

4 . Akshay Kumar, who competed with Khan Trio in terms of earnings and did the highest number of films in Bollywood, is at number four in this list. Which charges around 35-40 crores for a film. At the same time, Akshay charges 2-3 crores for ads.

5 . Hrithik Roshan is the fifth number in this list. Those who charge 25-30 crores to do a film. If we talk about ads, Hrithik Roshan takes 2-2.5 crores.

5 Bollywood actresses who charge the most

By the way, in Bollywood, the heroine gets much less money than the hero. But the heroine still charges crores of rupees to do a film.

1 . The highest-paid actress for a film is Deepika Padukone. Which charges 20-26 crores. At the same time, Kangana charges 1.5 crores for the ad.

2 . It is followed by Kangana Ranaut at number two who takes 20-25 crores for a film. Kareena charges Rs 2-3 crore for the ad.

3 . Priyanka Chopra is at number three in this list who charges Rs 22 crores for doing a film and charges Rs 2-3 crores for an ad.

4 . There is Kareena Kapoor Khan, who charges 20-21 crores to do a Bollywood film. At the same time, Kareena takes 3 crore rupees to make an ad.

5 . After Kareena Kapoor, we have Shraddha Kapoor at number five in this list who charges 18 trusts to do a film and takes Rs 2 crore to an ad.

Let me tell you the way no fee is fixed for a film. Similarly, there is no fixed fee to add. If the shooting is for more than one day, then these hero heroines charge accordingly. Salary can increase and decrease time by time, most of the time depends on their last 1-2 movies performance. When the Bahubali movie releases then Prabhas hikes his charge per movie. His movie collected more than 600 crores when got leaked by Khatrimaza pirated site.

After claiming the movie got deleted but movie performance was best and has been the Highest grossing movie of all time in the Indian Cinema. Now the same Director Rajamouli is coming with another masterpiece RRR.