Are you new in the business world? Do you want to expand your small business and make it bigger? BE prepared to meet with confusing terms such as brand and also branding. These particulars terms are very common and used in the business that is why you need to know them beforehand. Brand and Branding are different, in the English language, one is the item and the other as actions. To clear your confusion, consider checking the following information.

The Marketing Tool Vs an Action

Simply, both term is different. The brand is not branding and vice versa. Even if you look at the dictionary, both have a distinct meaning. A brand is one of the marketing tools and branding portrays the actions. A brand is a thing (noun), while branding is an action (verb). At the same time, it can be said that branding is an activity in which you are creating a brand. Most people are getting confused since a lot of people (business people or designers) are using them interchangeably.

Branding As the Act of Creating a Brand

Just as explained before that branding is an act of creating a brand. It is not only the start but also the other process that follows which explains that Brand and Branding are different. Branding also called brand development, it includes the first step of choosing the best logo, name, cara membuat merek. Along with that, all the process involves positioning your product or company in the market also part of the branding. It is when you carving out your place in the business.


Other than that, branding also includes processes such as devising brand strategy, designing corporate and product identity, setting a brand standard, and writing brand messaging. The process of branding development is not always one take and forever. There is a time when such a brand will need a replacement over time. For example, if your brand turned out to be outdated after 15 years that means you should take the branding process once again.

However, most of the business will not have to go through the branding process again for roughly 10 – 20 years. This can explain the Brand and Branding differences. The “brand” might have to changes after years. To make the change, you or the company should do another “branding” process. Which means all the process from the beginning such as making all the name, logo, brand messaging, standard, identity, strategy, and many more.

Fortunately, most of the time, the branding will last longer if the brand can truly convey the product or the company itself. For example, is the Nike logo? From the start to the recent years, the tick logo never changes and still memorable. As long as you though carefully and thoroughly, you won’t need to do this complicated process again? Once the branding process is completed, the word branding will have no further relationship with the brand anymore.


A Critical Distinct Aspect That Will Help Your Business

You know that branding is making a brand. Worth noting, that this process is very critical for your whole company or product name. After you understand the difference between Brand and Branding, it is now time to think carefully this process. Branding needs to keep the concept of not creating a made-up story. You will make a real marketing tool (Brand) that can empower your entire organization (all staff and division) with greater clarity and purpose.

At the same time, you can’t do a branding process halfhearted pendaftaran merek. The result of branding is your brand which later turns into the face and the name of your product or company. While it is important to make a distinct aspect for the brand, but you need a brand that can convey what you are. In this case, the purpose, the goal, and the meaning of the product. The clarity later can appeal to both the organization and the consumer, which leads to better income and production.

Brand That Describes the Company and Product

Your brand is the result of all the long and complicating branding processes. The brand, or line, or label will describe who you are. This is a difference between Brand and Branding. At the same time, the brand will explain what you do and what your purpose is. Mostly brand will come in the form of verbal dialog, visual identity, and tone of actions. It includes your marketing communication, this is how people will know, identify, and remember you.

At least those are some information that explains the difference between the terms. Both brand and branding are commonly used in the business world. However, the two are different since one is the marketing tool and the other as an action. The branding is actions to make and to spread the brand. While the brand is the name or the face that describes who you are. Hopefully, the explanation can help you understand better and eventually help you to use the term correctly.