In these uncertain times, one could not help but feel gratitude towards having a home. It’s home that provides the utmost care, security and warmth when needed. A few months earlier, when this new normal hadn’t found the way to our otherwise busy schedules, we used to take home for granted, the place which often got overlooked. These days, it’s the soothing place keeping you and your family away from all worries, away from the discomfort of the world. It’s the times like these when you plan to create spaces of comfort and happiness. After having spent months at home without stepping out, it is normal if you are planning to do certain improvements to the spaces that surround you.


No one knows what the future holds, when we’ll be able to go outside or how this new normal will treat us. But one thing that is quite sure is that people will be sharing interior inspirations, your home will be the favourite place to escape from this new normal and thus you will style it to be your ideal place. And this is why it is the perfect time to plan your dream home that carries form, substance and style – all at the same time.


To help you achieve the same, tiles will be your partner-in-dreams. How? Well, they are durable, damage/water-resistant and easy-to-maintain. To top it all, they come in a variety of textures, colours and hues that beautify your decor and add an exclusive touch to your spaces. For each room and size comes different types of tiles like – for busiest and moist places like kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic floor tiles are the perfect pick; for living rooms, mini slabs and expanse tiles are the alluring choices; for exteriors, wall cladding tiles will always add to your convenience. And most importantly, tiles are cost-effective like Kitchen Tiles are available at reasonable prices. The best floor tiles will deliver you quality at a value-for-money proposition, giving it an edge over other flooring options like carpet flooring, etc.


You can plan your dream home with best-in-class modern kitchen tiles, Bathroom Wall Tiles, wall tiles for living room, and more. What’s more? Nowadays, there’s a collection of tiles that is inspired by the eclectic beauty of nature, allowing you to bring nature indoors. From the greenery of the forests to the beauty of the hills, you can bring any scenic beauty to your home. With the palette of organic colours, paint your home the way you want to. Bringing nature indoors is the best way to survive through this new normal – in the comfort of your home, your head in the lap of nature literally – what can be better than that?


Make your home a place of your self-expression where each room speaks for you and your family – be it dressing up your bedroom like a beautiful starry night or designing your living room as the open place in the park. Everything is possible with the NEOM range of tiles inspired by nature. With a wide range of tasteful and exquisite designs and patterns, it will surely win away your hearts.


Thinking what’s NEOM? Well, here’s a little brief. NEOM is the brand of tiles owned by Brilloca, the maker of iconic brand Hindware. With the motive to deliver innovative and premium tiles for modern homes, NEOM offers a plethora of vivid colours and hues to style up your home with the best. To explore through NEO modern world of aesthetics, just log onto NEOM Tiles and take a step forth to building your dream home.