Insomniacs and patients with sleep disturbances often wake up in the middle of night when the whole world is asleep. These people stare at the slow moving wall clock, walk up and down the stairs or try to read a book to induce slumber. However, when nothing happens, they pop the available sedative from their medicine cabinet to doze off. A widely used pharmaceutical for the successful treatment of insomnia and other sleep problems is Ambien (Zolpidem). It tranquilizes the brain and calms the nerves for a complete sleep at night. The extended release version of this sleeping pill is quite effective in attaining and sustaining a quiet sleep. The benefits of the pill start deteriorating after extended use because the human body develops a tolerance to it. Such patients require a higher dose after some time to experience effective results. Reputed online pharmacies such as sell genuine medications at competitive prices and are the best place to buy Ambien UK .