You won’t have to be a scientist to create a money-making packaging for your goods, but you can certainly use science to design packaging that can influence customers’ buying decisions. History shows that a customer is more likely to favor a product over others when they have a positive interaction with the packaging. The 20th-century marketing innovator, Louis Cheskin, termed this interaction with product packaging as “sensation transference”.

Let’s dive in to explore some ways to use neuromarketing and stimulate customers’ affective state with custom gift boxes by appealing to their emotions instead of reasons.

Use the Power of Color

Research has shown that color is one of the biggest influences on a buyer’s perception of a brand or product. When strategically used, colors can help trigger the subconscious emotional responses of a prospective customer.

Know the meaning of different hues and emotions they can trigger, so you can effectively utilize them in your custom printed gift boxes design and marketing strategy. Wondering what mood your product packaging should convey to the passing people?

Fortunately, there is a color for every taste that can help you evoke the right mood. Here are a few examples:

  • Red represents love and creativity.
  • Yellow projects energy.
  • Green signifies health.
  • Pink denotes creativity.
  • Purple epitomizes feminism.

Use the right colors that align with your brand and effectually convey your product message to the target audience.

Packaging Shape Matters

The packaging shape can greatly influence a buyer’s understanding of your product. You can take cues from the packaging design of some liquid and wet foods where manufacturers have mimicked the human form rather persisting with the same old shape of the bottles.

See how different brands have used masculine and feminine package designs and how they are targeting a particular audience with these packaging shapes. View the products that are marketed towards the masculine. You can notice masculinity and broadness. In contrast, the products for feminine audience feature curves.

Nop, this isn’t packaging psychology. Its sensation transference. You can create this transference through other ways with your custom made gift boxes. For instance, you can use texture to lure customers by evoking their emotions.

Less is Still More

When trying to evoke emotions through your packaging solution, it’s crucial to keep it simple. Else, you won’t be able to convey your message efficiently. If you are encasing a specific type of product, print a high-quality image of that product on the packaging. Why? Your customers are always looking for visual cues while they are looking to reach a decision, so it’s vital that they should know what encloses inside the package.

When it comes to choosing the images that align with your product, one shouldn’t forget their competition. You can distinguish your packaging from the rest while keeping it simple, and the best way to do that is by leveraging a unique image. At times, even a simple design creates a huge impact and there are countless examples in this regard. Vodka brand is one of them that has used a simple yet elegant cobalt blue bottle to spark interest in an already established brand.

The brand gave the audience a unique piece of art that they can appreciate and keep even after the liquid is consumed.