If you have decided to rent a car for the holidays, do not miss this guide with tips for a safe rental and free of unpleasant surprises

During the summer there are many people who rent a car for the holidays. But there are some basic rules that you should follow if you decide to rent a car to spend your holiday moments by the sea, in the mountains or in a different location, if we have reached the destination by plane, train or other means. The short-term car rental is certainly one of the best alternatives and there are some tips to follow especially if you want to travel safely and want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Car rental for holidays, how to make a reservation

The time of booking is obviously the first and most important approach; you need to be able to rely on serious realities. The main recommendation is to seek only suitable channels, making a clear distinction between rent-a-car companies and agencies or brokers. In the case of short and long-term rentals , at the time of booking it is necessary to ask if there are additional costs for optional services , such as the need to have a satellite navigator in the car, which today is now often replaced by our smartphones, or child seats or other useful accessories. Another fundamental thing is to always ask for the type of fuel supply of the car first, for example whether it is petrol or LPG, which payment methods are accepted and when the expected amount is withdrawn.

It is necessary to be careful to always be supported by insurance for any type of problem that may arise, but never forget to inform yourself well about the deductibles and ancillary services. One last important thing: if you make your online booking, absolutely ask to always receive a detailed email where all the booking information is noted.

Rent a car for the holidays, the time of collection of the vehicle

The first contact in person with the company you have relied on for the rental car for the holidays is the moment of collecting the chosen vehicle. Before taking the car and getting behind the wheel, it is a good idea to carefully check the interior and exterior of the car. If you notice that there is any damage then you must immediately point it out and have it reported on the car rental agreement.

Another very important check to do is that all the appropriate instruments are on board, such as the jacket, the triangle and all the documents of the car, so as not to have problems in any checks by the Police. Then you can present your driver’s license and credit card to the company who will check the availability of funds. Before driving the car, make sure you know how the vehicle works, if you are not familiar with it, let us explain every detail, for example the basic things necessary for safety: how to operate arrows and wipers, headlights and high beams, air conditioning, windows, opening and closing doors for more modern cars, handbrake, petrol cap and everything that comes to mind. However, always leave a telephone contact to call in case you have problems with the car.

car rentals in Jamaica for holidays, return of the car

Once the short-term car rental during the contract period, before returning the car to the company take a control of the vehicle. Return the car to the renter during the opening hours and, after checking that there are no new damages, have a written document issued to certify and prove it . The fuel inside the tank it must be in the same quantity as it was at the time the car was delivered to you at collection, otherwise the penalties to be paid are very high. If, on the other hand, you have to leave the keys in a box, take a good photograph of the car upon return to prove its condition. When you receive the invoice, you can ask your credit card company to release the amount that was frozen as a deposit. This obviously does not apply to agencies that offer car rental services without a credit card. Before paying, check that you have not received any unexpected charges and if you are not convinced, you can send a written complaint.


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